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Proposing this be a situational source. Seems to have been around sinceand the quality of writing seems up to snuff. Here is the "About Us" page. I'd say given the quality of writing and the years under its belt that I'd at least throw this into a situational, if not reliable status. It's independent of any media network, but I don't think that comes into play.

Frankly indie games often receive more coverage at indie sites. Reviews, interviews, and often some previews don't make it to the "big sites". I'm not saying that an article can stay afloat merely by a handful of situational indie sources - it has to have some mainstream coverage.

What I am saying is that in order to properly write some of these articles additional sources which cover the subject matter in-depth art needed. Yeah - long post for a short request. I just want to be sure we don't pull the old "they don't belong to a media company, so they aren't reliable" stand-by we sometimes use. I'll be nominating other indie sites in the future, so I want us to broaden our mindset while still staying in policy.

I want to propose that Kotaku be promoted from situational source to reliable source. Its been 3 years since Kotaku, has been added as a situational source and alot has changed. As well as a guest on Gametrailers TV. The PlayStation Blog is increasingly becoming, a popular donna sexy g Salavat especially for PlayStation-related games or articles. This is due to the increasing number of 3rd-party studio interviews being conducted on the site.

Secondly, articles should be judged from the author of the article rather than the publisher. Since majority of the articles are written by actual staff of third-party studios, they should be considered as qualified authors. In addition, in recent times there have been alot of interviews or announcements that have been released first on the PS Blog, thus it is starting to become a strong source of information regarding gaming.

So I propose that it be shifted donna sexy g Salavat a situational source to a reliable source under platform-specific. I thought I would ping the project on the suitability of "Coming Soon Magazine" as a reliable source. I was thinking of using one of their reviews in a Wikipedia article but noticed they have not yet been rated. Based on the content of the site it looks like they stopped writing reviews sometime inalthough there are a few "" dates on their site too.

They have been used as links or references in a few places on the net, such as MobyGames and StarWarsLinks. According to google they have also been used as a reference in a few books see google books link above It doesn't look like CSM was ever distributed in print. The quality of reviews seems to vary with the author - some reviews are concise and well-written; others have poor grammar and drone on without saying much.

Anyway, I am not looking to undermine existing articles, but to see what everyone thinks. The Electric Playground and Donna sexy g Salavat on the Run are related broadcast television programs airing in Canada, with the former also becoming available in United States and Australia. Aired episodes are accessible on their website. No viewer or reader generated content is apparently available on the web sites. It may be similar to X-Play. A user has suggested that Reviews on the Donna sexy g Salavat is a not donna sexy g Salavat reliable source.

Where should these shows go on the list of sources? I can't find many third party references to them. Shawnc talk30 December UTC.

It seems affiliated with N4G, but am not exactly sure how. One feature article I was reading uses a pseudonym for its author. I'm entirely unsure on donna sexy g Salavat one. There's a lot of great nuggets on this site regarding XBLA titles that receive little coverage elsewhere, but I can't find much on the staff on the right panel donna sexy g Salavat the site.

I feel like I've seen the editor-in-chief John Laster 's writings published elsewhere, but I haven't been able to come up with much.

He seems linked in with the several high-end journalists such as Brian Crecente. Given the rest of the staff this would probably a situational source at best, but I wanted to get someone who's better at hunting down published donna sexy g Salavat to check the site.

Thanks much. Given the above I'd like to make this a situational source based on the author of the article cited. I contacted John Laster, editor-in-chief to find out about his staff. Here's the relevant part of his response:. As for our staff, all three listed editors have a pretty extensive background.

I've been doing this for about years now for various sites and finally decided to start something up on my own. Tyler Cameron has been writing for about a year and half mostly for www. Kaitlyn Chantry is a Harvard grad her past work is listed on her personal site. John Carson has worked on and off with me for two years. Primarily with www. Vlad Micu is the head of GameSauce. His list of sites he donna sexy g Salavat written for is a tad too long for me to recap off the top of my head.

Each of the listed editors above is part of a new partnership that will be happening with GameSauce. They are bringing me on as an expert on XBLA games to conduct and donna sexy g Salavat interviews and that will involve each of the rest of my staff to an extent.

Andrew Crews has been pretty solid for us, but his lineage is a bit more limited. Blake collello and Rob Owens donna sexy g Salavat did some freelance work for us back when I was the editor of www. I feel like lends some weight to each of the editors in his first paragraph. The other four editors in the second paragraph are much less experienced, and I can only see Ross Adam having any sort of ability to be a reliable donna sexy g Salavat.

I'd really like more feedback on this. I would like to propose the inclusion of VG as a general reliable source. The blog was listed as the 3rd best gaming blog by CNET, who praised them saying "the writing is excellent, and it covers all the important news with a twist of humour. In addition the site is strictly a newsblog, so there are no blog-like posts.

Thus it should be seriously considered for becoming a reliable source. Buffa also writes for Joystiq and has an education in corporate communication, which helps his journalistic background.

Workman's LinkedIn profile notes he went to college for journalism and writes for multiple sites. A third writer, John Artest, also contributes to the site. I couldn't find any information on him, but given the other two's background and the fact that they write for reliable sources I'm willing to weight in his favor.

Requesting this be a reliable source; donna sexy g Salavat not that then a situational one. Established as a magazine inis was the largest magazine of its kind in the country and a few surrounding ones, and the byword for video game magazines in the country, and it is the first console only magazine in Hungary.

It was published by "Comgame" Kft which previously publish KByte from to This corporation runs the KByte shops too.

It's defunct after the October issue, and donna sexy g Salavat into KByte, which last only 20 issue and then it's became an online magazine. The magazine was the partner of Mangafana manga publisher, and Mondo magazine.

Martin the editor-in-chief for Konzol, and for the PSC is currently writes in Konzol magazine too. So what do I need to do to get it formally approved? There's a pretty vast collection of reliable people in the site, but like I said, the community submits articles to bitmob, which are posted in the same style and format as the staff articles.

Perhaps if there was a note to not use anything written by a "Community Writer"? Now, he can figure out the length of things easily.

I think Square Enix Music Online has reached the point where it can be accepted as a situational source, as it has become a really good resource for game music-related topics.

It provides interviews with game composers and is one of the few sites to offer periodical album reviews. Their news reports have been picked up by various reliable sources Kotaku 1Kotaku 2JoystiqEdge. Since the great Music4Games has closed down, this site has been a good substitute with its exclusive content. The only thing I noticed is that some of the biographies on game composers seem to contain some slight mistakes years mixed up etc.

Discussion has lasted donna sexy g Salavat some time and donna sexy g Salavat opinions donna sexy g Salavat unanimous, so I promoted it to situational source. I believe that in spite of donna sexy g Salavat not being about video games, they cover it to a significant enough of a degree that it would be very useful to list them as a usable source.

I don't right now have the credentials for them, but I'm fairly certain that they are considered reliable sources. Game Chronicles - Previously the site was deemed unreliablehowever since then improvements have been made, including publishing of their review process.

The staff page is here. No bias one way or another, just pinging the community one this. There is a disagreement on the OnLive Discussion page about whether 2 related articles from Eurogamer's Digital Foundry by the same author are acceptable or preferable as sources for the OnLive article. Currently, they dominate the Donna sexy g Salavat article as a source, providing the support for over words out of about 2, words in the body of the article.

In earlier revisions, they have represented an donna sexy g Salavat larger proportion. Since the first article was cited in the OnLive article, several editors have strongly objected to use of the first, and later, the second, article, as sources, donna sexy g Salavat other editors have just as strongly supported using the articles as sources, resulting in many deletions and restorations of content sourced from the articles.

Currently, Eurogamer is listed as a reliable source in the Videogames Wikiproject, and in the most recent discussion, donna sexy g Salavat of the editors has stated that as the reason why the articles are appropriate sources for the OnLive article.

The articles cite no identifiable sources to back up their claims. Since the second article was published, no other source has reproduced the pseudo-scientific tests, and further, credible mass-market sources have endorsed OnLive, as major game publishers donna sexy g Salavat released games on OnLive and the largest Donna sexy g Salavat American TV manufacture, Vizio, announced it would build OnLive into TVs, blu-ray players and Android devices.