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I dragged out my suit the other day so I could dress up and see how I looked in it without a binder, and my dad asked if I was going out to Le Monocle.

The name came from the then-fashion of wearing a monocle to signify your gayness - a trend I think should come back. The photos from it are amazing:. Apparently it reopened after the war, but did not succeed. The building is still there, unused, and shaped like a monocle:.

This is roughly what I make sure I have in my kitchen all the time along with rough estimates of local prices MN. Rinse non-spiced beans before adding to anything. Tacos, wraps, and quesadillas are all fair game here. Adding also: the single most nutritious food on earth is potatoes in their peel.

Potatoes nearing the end of their useful lives? Cook them to half-done first, figure out what to do with them later. If you have the patience, at that point click up to C, remove the cover and add min. AKA rice and lentils, or rice and beans. Fried onion makes everything taste better and keeps forever in the freezer, so frying up a bunch and keeping portions is not a hal f-bad idea.

Oh, what does instant couscous go for in your area? If you get to choose, black lentils taste the best and need the least soak-time mingreen lentils are best for cooked stuff and red lentils are best in soups.

When possible, get instant soup mix. Get the good instant soup mix. The rest is optional. And again, lasts forever on the shelf. One whole chicken helps you eat for a week. Note that at some places, rotisserie may be cheaper than an actual raw bird. Watch for sales. Youtube can tell you how to cut up a raw bird, but freezing individual turkey breasts or even breast cutlets and leg quarters gives you a way to have meat for the next month.

You can even cut up the turkey meat into cubes, freeze those foto del sesso a Bath serving-sized bags, and cook those up very quickly, toss them in with mac and cheese or other dishes to boost the protein content. You can do anything you do with chicken with turkey. Onions, garlic and carrots foto del sesso a Bath cheap and high levels of bang-for-buck on taste.

A head of celery also helps pack in flavor, as do bell peppers if you can stom ach them. Hitting up an Asian food market for cheap noodles, rice, vegetables and protein is a very good idea.

Mexican markets too, depending on your area of the country. A bag of PAN cornmeal can make a godzillion pupusas or arepas and they take SO little time to prepare. Foto del sesso a Bath think the foto del sesso a Bath t Gemini foto del sesso a Bath my dad has ever done is one year he threw himself a reverse surprise party for the sheer drama of it.

What is a reverse surprise party? And honestly? My father is such a legend. Guys, a friend of mine in England is running a kickstarter to make these amazing foto del sesso a Bath based on medieval manuscript images. Large Visitor Globe. Are you suggesting that I eat bees for a week This is roughly what I make sure I have in my kitchen all the time along with rough estimates of local prices MN. Hard-boiled eggs last a remarkably while in the fridge, so when eggs reach near the end of their usable lives, just hard-boil and stick in the fridge.

Have eggs as often as you can, particularly as you have brain-shit going on. Brains are made of cholesterol and salt, so folks with neuro or other brain shit need more of both. Potassium is also aces. You know what has the most potassium? Tomato paste. Grated cheese keeps in the freezer for ever. Grated cheese wi ll make a lot of things taste nicer. Preserved lemon juice keeps forever in the fridge. Slices bread also keeps well in the freezer.

Try to have half a loaf or a loaf. Dry bread gets cut in cubes, mixed with oil and the aforementioned instant soup, stuck in oven at lowest until properly dry, then kept in an foto del sesso a Bath jar to add to soups. Over-ripe tomatoes come cheaper. They get turned into soup or sauce, then frozen in portions.

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