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I thought I would share some hot sets with you guys Also, you're not allowed to post more than 5 links per post. I'd suggest you read the board rules and maybe sit back and watch how people use the board for awhile. Then you'll get a better "feel" for things.

Cheers and my :2 cents:. Cheers and my :2 cents: OOOps! Maxell, I think you're trying to redeem yourself by posting quality stuff, but do yourself a favor and lean back for a day or two just as Nightfly suggested. I'm not trying to redeem myself :nono:, just had a load of links in a txt file lying about on my pc and thought I would share them with ppl on the board I know now i have posted them in the wrong place! Can i ask you a question is this how every of my threads are gonna be reacted upon since that inncident?

I expect so, as long as you continually break board rules and protocols, maxell. That's why we suggested you get used to things here before you do any more damage to yourself. I'm not trying to redeem myself :nono:, just had a load of links in a txt file and thought I would share them with ppl on the board Ok, sorry didn't mean message board del sesso insult you or anything.

It's message board del sesso good. I've read the infamous "me girl" thread and have to say that some guys reacted rather harshly. However, there also were a lot of good responses to your apology and for me and most of the members I know well this should be settled now, so don't worry.

Still, if I were you, I'd keep a low profile for a few days and start over then. Things are forgotten quickly sometimes. The other topic is full of that :. Sorry, but what incident? I forgive you in advance, KO. I forgive you in advance, KO I fucked up and acted like a tosser If you don't want to learn the way the board runs, and you're not willing message board del sesso take it in for a bit before posting, then expect harsh treatment if you break rules and make certain types of posts wrong place, wrong topic, etc.

We're used to some noobs making asses of themselves hey, it's a learning processbut you've been around long enough that you should know more rules than you apparently do, and again, the stunt thing with your fake girlfriend didn't help you. We're giving you advice. Advice well it doesn't come across very nicely OK, I retract.

I don't forgive you shit. KO Ok fair enough you be like that, message board del sesso don't even know you and i don't believe u was around when that thread was started I never had any reason to dislike you, maxell, until you tried a feeble, dumb stunt saying some model was your girlfriend, lying all the way about it. I didn't even dislike you then, but it pissed me off that you'd be so naive as to insult the intellects of people on this board with your stunt.

You later apologized after being caught, and we're all giving you a second chance. Take that chance. I would have just merged this with the Krystal Steal thread, but it has turned into more of a try to help Maxell, Maxell takes offense, everyone takes offense of Maxell taking offense thread.

Maxell, just find the message board del sesso Krystal Steal thread and post your links there because I'm going to close this thread. Message board del sesso Krystal Steal thread is large and doesn't need all this miscellaneous stuff.

Some of these guys message board del sesso you some good advice. You should use it. They've been around awhile and know how things work.

Forget about past mistakes. The message board del sesso is not coming to an end because you fabricated a story in a porn forum. Lighten up.