Sesso del Svetka Bukina

La forma del pancione in gravidanza indica il sesso del bebè?

Sesso ragazze e il desiderio

Tagged by: runningracingdancingchasing. B: backstabbingbadgering, barks orders, base, belligerent, belittlingblames everyone elseboorish, boring, bossy, bovine, brags, brutalbullybumbling. C: callouscattycausticchauvinistic, cheap, cheatscheerlesschildishclumsy, cockycoldcold-hearted, combativecompetitivecomplacent, complainer, conceited, confrontationalconfused, connivingcontrolling, corrects others constantly, corruptcovetous, coward, critical, cruelcynic.

F: facetious, faded, false, false bravadofanatical, fawning, fearful, feels superior to sesso del Svetka Bukina, fidgety, finicky, finishes sentences for others, flippant, follower, foolishforgetful, frantic, fraudulent, furtive, fussy. L: lacking consciouslack of effort, lack of self-confidence, lack of stamina, lazy, liarl ife stinks attitudelonely, low energy, lordly, loud, low drive, low self-esteem.

M: macho, mad, makes fun of people, makes others uneasy, malicious, manipulativemartyr attitudematerialistic, mean, meek, sesso del Svetka Bukina, merciless, messianic, messy, misanthropicmiserable, miserly, mistrustingmonosyllabicmoody, mopeymorbid.

N: naggingnaïvenarcissistic, narrow-minded, naughty, needling, negativenegligent, never happy unless miserable, non engaging, noisy, nosy. R: racist, radical, random, rash, rebelliousrecalcitrant, reckless, rejects change, reluctant, remote, repressedrepulsive, reserved, rigid, rude, ruled by peer pressurerules with an iron fist, ruthless.

S: sanctimonioussarcasticsardonic, scathingscatterbrained, schemerscornfulsecond-guessing, secretivesees bad in everything, self-centered, self-conscious, selfish, self-righteous, self-satisfied, self-serving, severe, sexist, shallow, shamelessshiftyshort-sighted, show off, shyshort-fused, slanderersloppy, slovenly, small goals, smug, sneakysnobby, social approval requiredsociopathic, soft, sesso del Svetka Bukinasophomoric behavior, speaks in monotone, spendthrift, spitefulsqueamish, staticstalker, starchy, stick-in-the-mud, stingy, stoic, stony-fa ced, stubborn, stuck up, sullen, suspiciousswaggering.

V: vacant, vague, vain, vengeful, venomous, vindictive, violentvisionless, volatile, vulgar. W: sesso del Svetka Bukinawasteful, weak, wears drab clothes, weird, wearywet blanket, whimsical, whines, willful, wily, wise-assed, wishy-washy, withdrawn, womanizingworrierwretched.

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