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Log in Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Sex and the City 6 lettere. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal letter. Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. Relax Let's get relaxed together. Filthy Mail at San Quentin Inmate receives lurid mail from his girlfriend.

Everything Goes in Phone Sex A place where you can go far wilder than anywhere else. I'd love to have your face be The Friend Zone Two friends exchange several revealing letters. Dear John Ch. Dear John My wife left me and all I have is this letter? Heat of the Moment I ask if she remembers the night one thing led to another.

A Letter to Eileen A steamy tribute on our six month anniversary. Letters to Leo Ch. Sammy's Honesty Ch. Far From Me Pt. Serving the Empress A soldier on special duties. Found in a Skip Darren's letter to ex in words. Strangers at the Coffee Shop Pt. Letter to My Queen Ch. The Flash of an Affair Pt. Echoes of Emotion Marissa is reminded of how much she's adored and cherished.

Bellway Ch. In Sex and the City 6 lettere of Vanilla A must read rant on why we are wrong about sexual submission. Letter to My Love Another experience proving how Marissa consumes my thoughts. Sexting Pt. Roger's Response 01 Roger writes back to Hilka, commenting on her evening plans. Afternoon Delight A vignette I wrote for someone who seems to have moved on.

Emails from an Affair Pt. Constance W The Method to Her Madness Pt. RSVP Simply asking for it Memories and Imagination Together A Sex and the City 6 lettere girlfriend's original text to her boyfriend.

A Letter to My Readers Author tells fans about their impact on her sex life. Into the Flame: Undelivered Letter Promises were made to be broken An Apology I'm sorry, I had to jerk off. You're to blame. I Heard It from a Friend Letters exchanged between husband and wife. Resident Slut Ch. Things You Don't Know Confessions about the way you fuck me. Dear Master Thursday Master is away, and his hungry little pet must play. Dear Master Wednesday A diary entry to her Master.

Lover, Please Sex and the City 6 lettere My deepest apologies to a great friend and lost lover. Diary Confessions Pt. Incest Island: Mommy Letters A mother asks advice about bath time with her son. Open Letter about Flings Open letter to wives still undecided about having a fling. Mason: Letter 07 Mason tops a Latino power bottom. Mason: Letter 06 Mason has a threesome and learns more secrets from his past.

Mason: Letter 05 Mason watches Lockie's cam session. Mason: Letter 04 Mason bottoms for a 19 year old fitness model. Mason: Letter 02 Mason shoots a scene with a Sex and the City 6 lettere toy. Mason: Letter 01 22 yr old porn star tells his story through letters. Unsteady An email on a crumbling marriage from their daughter. Mansion Lesvos Pt. I have finally let him go from me Dear Isaac A lonely traveler reminisces on love lost. My Dear A letter after an incredible night of sharing my wife.

Email to McA! Dear Becky A school girl sends her best friend 'tell Sex and the City 6 lettere letters. Another Collection of Notes A somewhat romantic Sex and the City 6 lettere of notes.

Everyday Things Daily Admirations. Marissa's Massage Massage, the best aphrodisiac. To my Marissa Letter to my Love. Fucking You Outdoors Ch.

A threesome with her best friend! Fucking You Outdoors Long distance letters of passion. Got You under My Skin Passionate letter to a lover, with deep sexual desires. Love Letter to a Former Boyfriend Crossdresser gets married. A Slap in Frustration The first time I taste your essence. My Need: Spanking An open letter to my wife to help her understand my need. An Open Letter A wistful letter to my Dom. A Letter Home A letter of complaint to the treatment of a person. The Last Day of September Pain.

A Letter Read it. Love Letters Her and Sir exchange candid letters about their relationship. Morning Release An ongoing recurring dream of a lover.

Letters from my Mistress 01 My Mistress describes our next encounter Separate tags with commas. More info in the FAQ. Category filter. Related Tags.