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Come eccitare le parole del marito per il sesso

Sign up Log in. Sex Stories The story of my debauchery. Mom and others. At first I did not think about writing about it, but on one porn we discussed this piquant topic and my interlocutor, apparently impressed with my stories, advised me to write everything as it was, with feelings, emotions.

Said maybe cool. Well, here I try. But earlier this topic was not interesting for me, but I will start all over again I was born in an ordinary family, my mother worked as a financier, and my father worked as an engineer at a construction site. Until my 11 years we lived as an ordinary family, as it seemed to me.

Then my father fell in love with another and went with her sex shop in Shakhty live in Krasnodar. I can not say what was wrong, maybe sex shop in Shakhty was more beautiful or something. My mother and I stayed with his parents in the city of Shakhty. Of course, the grandmother and grandfather took care of us as best they could, but my mom found another job and we moved with her to the city of Rostov-on-Don.

We sex shop in Shakhty with the mistress, a good woman who, apparently, having felt her own soul in mother, took care of her and of me. Neither her nor me was embarrassed by the fact that she slept in a nightie on a naked body, did not hide herself when she was dressing, did not make me turn away, but simply stood with my back to me.

I will say more that I did not even sex shop in Shakhty her attractive. Very thin, hanging chest sex shop in Shakhty, dark long hair, which made her even older, a little makeup and not bright clothes. They are said to have passed by, and no one will remember.

I do not even know what my father found in her, but it is obvious that he found this one, because she did not have any gentlemen at all. So we lived with her in the apartment for about a year, she went to work, I went to school and in the section, in the evening we dined, swam and went to bed, in the morning sex shop in Shakhty was wearing a nightie, putting on her underwear and going on a new day. Probably everything would be the same further, but the starting point as I think was the New Year holidays.

We celebrated the New Year with my mother's parents, and went to the Rostov number of the 3rd, walked around New Year's Rostov and returned to the apartment happy and happy. We went to bed, and in the morning I was impatient in the toilet, I, getting out of bed, sex shop in Shakhty back the blanket, my mother was lying on her back, putting her hand to her eyes, but my eyes rested on the bottom of her stomach.

Where Sex shop in Shakhty used to see sex shop in Shakhty curls of hair - she was shaved, and my gaze showed off the top of her pussy, or rather, almost half the slits. This was my first time when I saw her. Previously, I did not think that hair was hidden there, although the Internet was at hand, but there was no such interest. The desire to consider was suppressed by the danger of getting caught. I got up and went to the toilet. When he returned. She was already lying on her side, I lay down next to her and she hugged me.

It is clear that I could not sleep, but there was no rush of energy. Rather, I was shocked by what I saw. I did not understand why to shave my hair there, especially, why she did it right now, at the same time I sex shop in Shakhty torn apart by curiosity and a desire to see again and examine, but this time it was not destined.

When she woke up, she turned her back to me as usual, put on a robe and went to make breakfast. Even sitting in the kitchen, some strange feeling of a certain secret did not leave me, and it grew along with a sense of resentment, the origin of which I could not understand.

On the one hand, I understood that my mother is an adult woman and she is free to behave as she wants, without asking permission, but on the other hand, I got used to curls on her pubic hair, but here everything has changed radically and the reason is not clear to me. Here she was sitting across from me, stretching her legs under her chest, the same as before, but this one, but not this one, I clearly understood that under the dressing gown below the belt she had changed, now there she is new or something.

And for some reason this thought gave me no peace. I could not understand why these changes. Probably, these torments brought me to the Internet.

Hiding in the toilet, I flipped through the pages of the World Wide Web, examining the female pussy from all angles. I will not hide that it excited me very much, and I was chasing my penis with my hand. Looking through the next picture, I came across a pussy photo from about the same angle that I saw. And by sex shop in Shakhty, somehow a picture of that morning appeared in my head, and I immediately finished it.

I even felt myself blushing from the realization that I had finished not on the picture. I was even ashamed to leave the toilet, it seemed that mom would know by one look, but fortunately she is not clairvoyant. The sex shop in Shakhty 12th year of my life was shrouded in masturbation and porn sites. And I rarely clicked on the links where there were adult women and gradually got hooked on the topic of incest. What I read seemed to me a delusion and fantasy, because my brain could not imagine sex shop in Shakhty this could be.

Now I understand that this is all written fantasies, but then I continued to wander around the network, reading everything that is. What I read, or rather, some moments someone had a fantasy, and I had it here, next: my mother, sleeping with me in a nightie without clothes, her naked chest and butt, I hugging her and snuggling up to her, she sleeping throwing foot on me.

For many, it was like a signal for action, but Sex shop in Shakhty was not even excited by this piquant moment. From the time I began to catch myself thinking that I wanted not only to see her pussy like an anus. I saw a photo of anal sex, I read about it on the same sites, but it seemed sex shop in Shakhty me that it was At that moment I was not conscious, but I wanted to see my mother's and make sure that she did not deal with them.

Of course it is ridiculous now, but then it seemed to me that it is depraved and dirty, and certainly mine also looks at it. But I did not see how it was possible. Now I woke up earlier to see her nightie in the back and hold her gaze before the morning masturbation. At this time, my pants were stretched, and even sometimes I took out a member and looked at how he looked against her priests.

Then he ran to the toilet and drove him to these fantasies. These winter observations of me on weekends did not give me rest, I was looking forward to spring and summer, when the sun rose earlier, and I could see it every day just in the morning when we got up the room was sex shop in Shakhty dark, but on the weekend could sleep up to 10 hours.

The fact is that living in one area, and working in another is very difficult in a large city. That's exactly what my grandparents thought. By the way, even after the parents divorced between them and my mom, a very good relationship remained. Therefore, my grandmothers and grandfathers, having conferred, podnuzhnuyas a little and bought a quarter to us in the West with my mother.

In principle, the sleeping area, mixed sex shop in Shakhty the private sector is quite calm and quiet. Our quarters certainly not the ultimate dream, but nevertheless better than the room that we rented.

Although in the beginning it caused me some concerns. The fact is that there were two rooms along the bath, kitchen and corridors.

This meant that we would sleep in different rooms, I, of course, understood that all of life, we would not sleep like that, but did not want to sex shop in Shakhty. Saved by the fact that my mother wanted to make repairs. And so what is repair and how long it lasts to all known.

We settled in the bedroom, but the mother decided to repair the kitchen, the hall and the bathroom, and so to speak with a proletarian scale: the wall between the kitchen and the hall disappeared, as did the door to the bathroom, which gave me a new round of, so to speak, intimate adventures.

We continued to sleep in the same bed, nothing has changed, but the curtain that replaces the bathroom door which seemed to be a bit smaller gave us new possibilities.

Previously, I had never been able to spy sex shop in Shakhty my mom, sex shop in Shakhty the mistress was always at home, and here only she and I. The only problem was not to get caught, but I solved it easily. At the time when the mother was leaving for the bath, Sex shop in Shakhty turned on the music and the noise from the footsteps was not audible at all. Turned off the light in the hall, made me not visible from the light-filled bath.

The small gap between the curtain and the wall gave me a great view. I still delirious the same thought - to see her anus. Already understood that he stretches and shrinks and seemingly will not understand whether she is engaged in or anal sex or not, but the desire to see was insane.

Every evening, when the house filled the sound of music, I sneaked up to the bathroom and watched as she rubs herself, looked at her sagging breasts, at her buttocks, at the pubis, at how water flows through her.

It is clear that the member was a stake, but there was a special moment when she put herself in order. It was every Wednesday and Sunday. The side height was a little more than 20 cm, which allowed seeing everything.

And so she sat on the crouches, and given the location, it could be done only by facing me, spreading my legs and my eyes rested on a slightly overgrown pubis, which she diligently spread with shaving foam, and then gently shaved with a machine, after which I opened her pussy apart: small external labia, opening a little longer hanging internal.

But what happened next is a brain explosion. She took a small oval mirror standing in our bathroom, put it under herself and smeared with foam between her buttocks. I could not see the reflection, but she looked into it when she shaved herself there. Most often at this time I finished my hand and tried to leave faster, because just after I finished, I felt ashamed, my cheeks were burning and all the erotic vulgarity was lost, and she had to be replaced by remorse and shame.

This gave rise to double feelings in me - on the one hand it was wildly exciting, but on the other I still felt somehow unpleasant to think that the mother had anal sex, although I immediately tried to justify it, that the finger was not a member So my evening of secret peeping turned into a night in which we slept sex shop in Shakhty - she was in a nightgown without underwear, I was in shorts. As the opportunity to see her anus. Spring gave way to summer, and my days were like one, and this could not but make me happy.

The only thing that saddened me was that I had sex shop in Shakhty one sex shop in Shakhty share my adventures with. I knew perfectly well that even sex shop in Shakhty someone has something like that which I doubted very much they will never tell me about it. From these thoughts, another crazy idea was born in my head - to find at least some evidence among my friends that they have their own little family intimate secret.

While visiting them, I tried to notice any intimate details with their moms that give reason to think so.