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Abigail Pereira Aranha. Watching porn does not cause negative attitudes to women, study finds. Researchers have argued that pornography fans might be 'useful allies' in women's struggles for equality. Alexandra Sims. Saturday 12 September The average porn user may have more egalitarian views towards women than non-users, a contentious new study has suggested. Researchers at Western University in Canada have even argued that many pornography fans might be "useful allies" in women's struggles for equality in the workplace and vkontakte casa del sesso public office.

Taylor Kohut, vkontakte casa del sesso study leader and a post-doctoral fellow in psychology, analysed data from 35 years of the General Social Survey, a US government-funded project that interviews around 24, men and women a year about a variety of issues.

Vkontakte casa del sesso reported in the Journal of Sex Research that the 23 per cent of people who said they had watched an "X-rated" film during the previous year vkontakte casa del sesso no more or less likely to identify as vkontakte casa del sesso than those who did not watch porn.

They also found that, on average, porn-watchers expressed more positive attitudes towards women in positions of power, as well as less negative attitudes towards abortion vkontakte casa del sesso women in the workforce.

Kohut said: "I'd rather not live in a culture where our government vkontakte casa del sesso to regulate [or] outlaw behaviour or material because they assume it's harmful. I'd rather they demonstrate it is, first. Dr Ferguson said: "I think if porn were going to ruin society, it's already had 20 years to do it And it's not happened.

Kohut said that the results may partly be explained by the fact that porn users are more likely to be liberal people, where as non-users are more likely to be conservative or religious. The study, however, has been met with much criticism. Gail Dines, a leading anti-pornography activist, told the National Post : "Maybe some of these guys do believe in abortion more, maybe they do believe women should hold office more, but Men have less interest in actual sex with a real woman; they want to act out the porn sex.

Dines also questioned vkontakte casa del sesso value of the Kohut's data, arguing that as the average age of the study's respondents was 45 it did not represent teenagers and young men, a key demographic of porn users. Media watchdog takes action. The communications watchdog arm of the Russian government, Roskomnadzor, announced in a statement Monday that a ban on the Russian edition of PornHub and ten other pornographic websites has been enacted in an effort to clamp down on unlawful pornographic content.

A court vkontakte casa del sesso from the city of Krasnodar that determined the adult sites violated federal laws concerning the protection of minors from "harmful information" has been cited as the reason. Vkontakte casa del sesso spokesman for the porn site in question released a statement saying the company "can confirm that Roskomnadzor has blacklisted Pornhub in Russia and [they] are currently investigating and considering available means to reinstate [the] website in Russia.

Roskomnadzor cautioned in a statement Monday that the price for distribution of illegal pornographic content online can be a prison sentence of two to six years.

Russia however is no stranger to porn censorship. In April this year Roskomnadzor announced that adult sites were to be blocked. But the restrictions aren't limited to vkontakte casa del sesso The Russian vkontakte casa del sesso group temporarily banned both Wikipedia and social media site Reddit; both sites were reinstated after receiving Roskomnadzor-approved edits. Additionally, Roskomnadzor announced last week via its VKontakte social network page that it was now also illegal to make Internet memes featuring exaggerated or fabricated caricatures of public figures.

It cited a violation of Russian legislation on personal information in addition to besmirching "the honor, dignity and business reputation of public figures. Joseph Vkontakte casa del sesso is a staff writer for ChurchMilitant. Firstly, I thank for the friendship of Bradon Kamato and Eduardo Moraes and their contribution by sharing with me, respectively, the first and the second article reproduced here. In Facebook, everything my best friends see about licentiousness, church and licentiousness, politics and licentiousness, anti-feminism and pornography or prostitution, they think about me.

I am happy with this, this is a premium for my modest work. The first link in the article by ChurchMilitant. Thus, these two articles were published in the gap of one week after it. And these articles have relation with a theme I was approaching in my blogs in Portuguese in that same half-month: in that same day 08 of that article in The Moscow Times, I was posting my third text of vkontakte casa del sesso series "Christian right-wing, it's over!

In the first text, day 02, I said that "Socialism already shows its own problems, including unsustainability, since Russian Revolution. But it is not in agony, because the right-wing is already dead". Not only the Socialist militancy has undermined the Conservatives and the Christians before it could be visible, that speech of traditional family, chastity, Libertarianism has been defeated by liberals since mid nineteenth century.

The two texts after this one, days 04 and 08, are examples of what I exposed in the first. In that "Christian right-wing, it's over! And I thought it was only in Brazil! I wrote on January 5, Ah, and I am a witness that this censorship of sex for teenagers is nonsense.

There are still two months for me to do 18 years old, I am watching some scenes of women having sex with two men, to share with my readers friends, while I am preparing this text.

Filters for internet and spyware on behalf of protection of minor children crown the more traditional and stupid educational model: little information and a lot of prohibition. With this, parents think their children will know what they want, they will have the principles they want the ones from their religionthey will marry virgin whom they want, they will have the friends they want and they will have the life they want as themselves or worse.

And the enemies of freedom can offer blandishments for these "kings of the home" without moral authority. Within their own interests of the enemies of freedom. On the issue of pornography, that first article says too much. I would say, not knowing about this work, that thoughts vkontakte casa del sesso male porn users about feminist issues would not be different of the ones of average men because average men are porn users and male porn users are average men.

Taylor Kohut has a likely explanation, let us vkontakte casa del sesso back to it:. Porn users are more likely to be liberal people, where as non-users are more likely to be conservative or religious.

Well, some of vkontakte casa del sesso non-users are liberals in the worst groups, but these are an inexpressive minority. Incidentally, I wrote "The Puritan-Feminism episode 9: some conservative and evangelical women uniting with feminists to censor pornography and what else? Does it sound boring the "I vkontakte casa del sesso in the previous paragraph? Here's the point! How much is the confirmation rate of Conservative Christian analysis about whatever? Incidentally, how about vkontakte casa del sesso legalization of pedophilia or the "socialization of the women" which Karl Marx refuted vkontakte casa del sesso mid nineteenth century?

In that article, there are not surprises to male porn fans, but here is a researcher saying something very similar to tens of serious researches published in the last 20 years at minimum, destroying hoaxes used for decades by Christian preachers and lesbo-feminists as if they had some basis in the reality.

But we have two cases of a theory not surrendering to the facts. Vkontakte casa del sesso the first article, Gail Dines, not showing arguments by her own, put a real scientific work in doubt only because vkontakte casa del sesso its conclusion. In the second article, a government bureau applies a countrywide censorship under a claim tens of times refuted.

Conservative Christians will give their applauses, more likely, to the humiliated orgasmless ugly lesbian in the first case and to the new Soviet Union in the second case. Ah, I was forgetting: studies indicating that porn acts in the brain as cocaine, as you know, is a lie. The Socialism will be defeated only with the dissemination of the mental normality and of the individual power. It makes not sense speaking of individual liberties where the individual experience of the sexual pleasure is repressed through the criminalization of the pornography and of the prostitution.

And the Vkontakte casa del sesso right-wing will not be a cultural leadership force when a simple girl as I writes something, only by observation of everyday life plus normal reasoning, six years before it happens and they did not even realized what is going on even when it's already happening.

Vkontakte casa del sesso right-wing Christian puritanism is only surviving because and while the leftists can fit it in their own projects. Assuming that porn male costumers, and increasingly more porn female consumers, are liberal, what will we have? The Christian traditional churches will collapse, at least as they were known in 60's. The Conservative wing will collapse with them.

The Liberalism will casually discard its more grotesque part, as if it was a stupid error or something "Conservative Christian", and that's all. Ver porno no provoca actitudes negativas hacia las mujeres, uno estudio encuentra. Taylor Kohut, el líder del estudio e investigador post-doctoral en Psicología, analizó datos de 35 años de la General Vkontakte casa del sesso Survey, un proyecto financiado por el gobierno de Estados Unidos que entrevista alrededor de Kohut dijo: "Preferiría no vivir en una cultura en la que nuestro gobierno decide regular [o] hacer ilegal la conducta o material porque supone que es perjudicial.

Prefiero que ellos demostren que es, en primer lugar. Ferguson dijo: "Creo que si la pornografía fuese arruinar la sociedad, eso ya ha tenido 20 años para hacerlo Y eso no ha pasado. El estudio, sin embargo, ha sido recibido con muchas críticas. Los hombres tienen menos interés en el sexo real con una mujer de verdad, quieren representar el sexo porno. Rusia bloquea el mayor sitio web porno del mundo.

Perro de vigilancia de medios toma medidas. Un fallo de la corte de la ciudad de Krasnodar que determinó que los sitios para adultos violan leyes federales relativas a la protección de los menores frente a la "información dañina" ha sido citado como la razón.

Rusia, sin embargo, no es ajena a la censura al vkontakte casa del sesso. En abril de este añoel Roskomnadzor anunció que sitios para adultos debían ser bloqueados. Pero las restricciones no se limitan a obscenidad: El grupo de vigilancia de Rusia prohibió temporalmente tanto Vkontakte casa del sesso cuanto el sitio de redes sociales Reddit; ambos sitios fueron reintegrados después de recibir modificaciones aprobadas por Roskomnadzor.

Joseph Pelletier es un escritor del personal para ChurchMilitant. En primer lugar, doy gracias por la amistad de Bradon Kamato y Eduardo Moraes y su contribución al compartir conmigo, respectivamente, el primer y el segundo artículo reproducidos aquí. En Facebook, todo lo que mis mejores amigos veen sobre el libertinaje, la iglesia y el libertinaje, la política y el libertinaje, anti-feminismo y la pornografía o la prostitución, ellos piensan en mí.

Estoy contenta con esto, este es un premio por mi trabajo modesto. El primer vkontakte casa del sesso en el artículo de ChurchMilitant. Por lo tanto, estos dos artículos fueron publicados en el tiempo de una semana después de eso. En el primer texto, el día 02, yo dije que "el Socialismo ya muestra sus propios problemas, como falta de sostenibilidad, desde la Revolución Rusa. No sólo la militancia socialista ha socavado los conservadores y los cristianos antes de que pudiera ser visible, aquello discurso de la familia tradicional, la castidad, libertarismo ha sido derrotado por los izquierdistas desde mediados del siglo XIX.

Los dos textos después de éste, días 04 y 08, son ejemplos de lo que expuse en el primero. Vkontakte casa del sesso escribí el 5 de enero de Ah, y yo soy testigo de que esta censura del sexo para los adolescentes es una tontería. Y los enemigos de la libertad pueden ofrecer halagos para estos "reyes de la casa" sin autoridad moral.