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Birds of Prey is an American action Sachs Harley Quinn fiction drama television series that was developed by Laeta Kalogridis for The WB and is loosely based on the DC Comics series of the same name. The series takes place in a Gotham City abandoned by Batman. Despite the series debut garnering ratings of 7. The series is set in New Gotham Cityseveral years after it has been apparently abandoned by Batman. Sachs Harley Quinn two are joined by Dinah Redmond, a telepath after she assists them in defeating Larry Ketterly ; Alfred Pennyworth, who serves Helena as she is heir to the Wayne estate; and Detective Jesse Reese, a police officer confronted with crimes and abilities he cannot explain.

A central feature of the series is the concept Sachs Harley Quinn metahumans : individuals born with powers that cannot be explained. No two metahumans have the same abilities unless hereditaryand there exists a whole subculture of metahuman society that the outside world knows nothing about.

Detective Reese reluctantly teams up with Sachs Harley Quinn and the other Birds of Prey to defeat metahuman criminals. At first, he Sachs Harley Quinn of Helena's vigilantism, even trying to arrest her, but eventually he realizes there is a need for the Birds of Prey to take down criminals the police cannot handle.

During the course of the show, the Birds of Prey often confront schemes masterminded by Dr. Harleen Quinzel Harley Quinnthough they are unaware of her involvement until the final episode of the series. Quinzel's attempts to discover what Helena is Sachs Harley Quinn, and the duplicitous nature of their therapy sessions together, form a large part of the series arc, beginning in the pilot episode and being resolved in the series finale. Helena and Detective Reese clash again when they both try to track down a serial killer who destroys metahumans by taking on their powers.

Meanwhile, Dinah ditches school when she learns from Sachs Harley Quinn there is a metahuman-only bar, and Barbara meets Wade's parents who think she is not normal enough for their son.

Dinah's mother, Carolyn Lori Loughlincomes to town to find her daughter, but the past comes back to haunt both women when the head of a crime family that Carolyn took Sachs Harley Quinn in her years as Sachs Harley Quinn Black Canary comes after them. Dinah must fight to save the mother she's never really known before Sachs Harley Quinn loses the chance completely.

Helena wonders about her own mother's past, and about the secrets that the Canary could reveal to her, while Barbara tries to bring all the women together to cooperate before the past destroys them all. Already frustrated with men thanks to her relationship with Det. Reese, Helena is none too pleased when a metahuman calling himself Darkstrike Kristoffer Polaha visits Sachs Harley Quinn Gotham to team up with her and Barbara. However, Helena warms to the enigmatic stranger when he explains his history with the Crawler Brian Thompson —a nefarious criminal with the nasty habit of murdering his abductees.

When the fiend kidnaps an innocent teen, the crime fighters must race against the clock to Sachs Harley Quinn that the latest victim does not meet the fate of her predecessors. Helena is thrilled when her best friend from high school, Sandra Sung-Hi Leereturns to New Gotham, but the Birds are troubled by a series of murders with the unmistakable mark of Batgirl's nemesis, Lady Shiva.

Determined to fight Lady Shiva as an equal, Barbara dusts off her Batgirl costume and experiments with technology that allows her to leave the wheelchair. Meanwhile, Dinah tries to use her mind-reading powers to get a boy at Sachs Harley Quinn school to notice her to ask her out for the school's spring dance.

When a hit is put on the life of legendary mob boss, Al Hawk Mitch Pileggithe only person he trusts to protect him is his son, Det.

Sachs Harley Quinn turns to Helena for help, but when she learns that Reese's Sachs Harley Quinn is the same man who killed Dinah's mother, Black Canary, her loyalties are tested.

When young metahuman women are abducted in New Gotham, Helena's investigation leads her to uncover a secret club where the captive women are drugged and forced to fight each other in an arena. When Helena is also abducted, it is up to Dinah to rescue her with Reese's help. When Helena's former classmates descend upon New Gotham for their five-year high school reunion, two of the alums are brutally murdered.

While Helena tries to find the killer, she fears that Reese's investigation will lead him to learn too much about her true identity. The four-disc collection includes the thirteen episodes that were broadcast plus the unaired pilot, [4] which features Sherilyn Fenn as Harley Quinnand all three seasons of the Flash-animated series Gotham Girls. The episodes are presented in letterboxed widescreen format. Dina Meyer additionally reprises her role as Barbara Gordon, though only in an uncredited vocal capacity.

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Barbara Gordon started out as Batman's protégé, Batgirl, but an attack by The Joker left her a paraplegic after being shot in the spine. Reinventing herself as Oracle, she takes under her wing Helena Kyle, the secret daughter of Batman and Catwomanwho quickly grows into the fierce "Huntress".

Into this group comes Dinah, a teenage runaway who is drawn to the city by metahuman visions.