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Who in sex symbol Johnny Depp world is Johnny Depp? And where is his head? No matter which of his films sex symbol Johnny Depp watch, you'll be left wondering how the man can be so believable in such unbelievable circumstances. Regardless, it takes remarkable chutzpah to commit to a characterization like Johnny Depp does.

When Depp was still a teenage heartthrob, Burton saw something unique inside of him. This wasn't simply a genre departure, or a move from playing the romantic lead to something more sinister.

Cursed with massive scissors for hands, Edward can seldom fulfill his best intentions without cutting or slicing.

As the adage goes, we all have one good story in us. But letting Johnny Depp do his thing proved to be one of the wisest business decisions in Disney history. Jack Sparrow has also proved to be a favorite among audiences. Hunter S. Thompson embodied gonzo journalism.

Thompson likely spent more of his life under the influence of some ungodly substance than he did in a state of sobriety, so when he personally tapped Johnny Depp to play the role of Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las VegasThompson must have recognized a kindred spirit. Without making allegations, it is highly unlikely that this is all Mr. With Carrot Sex symbol Johnny Depp hair, representative of hatters who commonly experienced mercury poisoning in their jobs hence the expression, "mad as a hatter"Depp's Tarrant Hightopp was the victim of a toxic event.

This Hatter is a feeler, giving Depp ample room to burst into spontaneous highs and the crumble to crushing lows. While still very much in the same waters of weirdness as Depp explored through Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka, he still managed to make The Mad Hatter unique through his sex symbol Johnny Depp volatility.

Then break away from it. Cry-Baby was the answer. Depp does an about-face on his sex symbol stature. Tim Burton stuck with his go-to man for the part, offering Depp the opportunity to channel his real-life Hollywood malaise into a project about a man who so desperately wanted to crack into the industry. With its black and white palette, s scene transitions and vintage camera movements, Ed Wood feels like a relic of an era gone by, with Johnny Depp creating a portrait of a man so desperate to be a contender that in the hopes of booking a directing gig from a film producer, he even reveals sex symbol Johnny Depp penchant for cross-dressing.

With his clenched jaw and precise vocals, Ed Wood is pure salesman, and in his preparation for the part, Depp turned to Ronald Reagan speeches and Mickey Rooney movies to capture that old-school sound. His sex symbol Johnny Depp in Ed Wood sex symbol Johnny Depp truly captivating, slightly disturbing and thoroughly engaging. Put him in a movie and he will change the tone of it entirely.

While the film failed to take flight, the box office results had little to do with the fact that Depp had sex symbol Johnny Depp dead bird on his head. His eccentricity is particularly dead pan in The Lone Rangeras Depp uses his signature beady eyes and relaxed voice to convey his emotions.

He is truly the eponymous hero of the story, an emotionally bankrupt hedonist with sex symbol Johnny Depp control over his desires.

As he has his way sex symbol Johnny Depp countless women in bedrooms, hallways and stagecoaches, Wilmot contracts syphilis and steadily loses his pretty boy visage. Depp shows great command in this role and a bravery in literally begging the audience to dislike him. Critics were baffled by his existence, obviously too jaded to recognize the simple genius of such a character and the actor who played him.

Does Mortdecai not deserve our praise? Does Mortdecai not deserve our accolades? Our sex symbol Johnny Depp love? Perhaps it is we who do not deserve him. Forgive us, Mortdecai, we know not what we do. Whither art thou, Mortdecai? There you have it! What Johnny Depp role do you find most eccentric? Let us know in the comments below? Tags: the lone rangeralice in wonderlandblack masspirates of the caribbean 5Mortdecaied woodedward scissorhandsfear and loathing in las vegascharlie and the chocolate factorycry-babybenny and joonthe libertine.

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