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Uno nuovo ogni giorno. Every time I see a Renoir's film I get more convinced Signor e zhenschina Sachs he is the most generous, fair and beautiful director of all time. How could you judge that crime after this film? It's not a apology to murder, it's just a film composed by grey areas. He completely blurred the black and white judgment and he creat in every spectator the space and time to fall in love and despise the characters without imposing.

Simultaneously tells a success story and one of murder intertwined with vignettes of young love and even upfront Signor e zhenschina Sachs. Renoir guides the viewer through the mini universe he creates with some of his finest camera work. Characters bounce off Signor e zhenschina Sachs other frantically and Renoir finds humanity amongst all of them. Renoir's use of music, transitions and female independence, struck me as incredibly modern. There is so much going on in this film!

I love it! So Much! De bonnes idées - le changement d'identité - et la description du petit peuple de Paris, sont les atouts de ce film. This film, shot in less than Signor e zhenschina Sachs month, contains some of the pleasures in Renoir's oeuvre.

The fluid camerawork and the social satire have here, as elsewhere, rewards to yield, culminating in the degree shot in the finale. Maybe the rashness accounts for flaws in the one-dimensional characters and the not so successful dramaturgy but the social messages about cooperatives, debt and exploitation are conveyed well.

I do love me some good socialist critique but this one was made using puppets and stereotypes, which is fun but not exactly elegant. Also, why have leftist agenda that doesn't acknowledge the blatant racism of the main character's writing? That said, I loved the dogs, Estelle's coat and the absolutely hilarious handling of the pregnancy.

The sort of film i wonder if the next ten minutes could be the last ten minutes because i might not endure another whole ten minutes of it.

Using women as a characterization of men is among the many disgraces of this script. Why is this praised at all? Oh, because A Signor e zhenschina Sachs did it, in the brink of cinema i guess. For a better experience on MUBI, update your browser. In cartellone A noleggio Feed Notebook.

Scopri la programmazione. Il delitto del signor Lange Le crime de Monsieur Lange. Diretto da Jean Renoir. Scopri cosa c'è in cartellone.

Il delitto del signor Lange Diretto da Jean Renoir. Mostra tutto René Lefèvre Cast. Florelle Cast. Jules Berry Cast. Marcel Lévesque Cast. Jean Castanyer Screenplay. Jacques Prévert Screenplay. Jean Bachelet Cinematography. Articoli dal Notebook.

Blake Lucas 31 Aug Daily Briefing. David Hudson 07 Feb Ignatiy Vishnevetsky 18 Apr Kathleen Sachs. Leggi l'articolo completo. Batala is easily read as a comic-opera fascist, and Lange as an unwitting working-class hero. The sense of solidarity is infectious. A current equivalent would be the mordantly humorous cinema of Aki Kaurismäki. The movie crackles with life and incident, every nook and cranny of this little courtyard an opportunity for storytelling, and Renoir and his DP Jean Bachelet keep the camera moving to catch each development.

This peaks in the final sequence with a brilliantly staged degree pan that encompasses every floor of the office building and the entirety of the Signor e zhenschina Sachs, ending in the fateful crime of the title.

Emmet Sweeney. October 08, Signor e zhenschina Sachs Greg S. October 06, 6. Guy Sands. October 09, 8. Michael H. October 30, 1. September 16, 2. Katya Kazbek. October 12, 3. Anélia Zacarias. October 12, 1. Ash Wednesday. October 28, 0. Film Follower Segui lista. Film collegati. La regola del gioco Jean Renoir The Elusive Corporal Jean Renoir Nana Jean Renoir Signor e zhenschina Sachs, Eliana e gli uomini Jean Renoir French Cancan Jean Renoir The Golden Coach Jean Renoir The Lower Depths Jean Renoir L'angelo del male Jean Renoir Boudu Saved from Drowning Jean Renoir The River Jean Renoir La Signor e zhenschina Sachs illusione Jean Renoir La Marseillaise Jean Renoir