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As part of human exploration of the Moonnumerous space missions have been undertaken to study Earth's natural satellite. Of the Moon landingsLuna 2 of the Soviet Union was the first spacecraft to reach its Missione sex successfully, [1] intentionally impacting the Moon on 13 September InLuna 9 became Missione sex first spacecraft to achieve a controlled soft landing[2] while Luna 10 became the first mission to enter orbit. Between andcrewed missions to the Moon were conducted by the United States as part of the Apollo program.

Apollo 8 was the first crewed mission to enter orbit in Decemberand was followed by Apollo 10 in May Six missions landed men on the Moon, beginning with Apollo 11 in Julyduring which Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon.

Apollo 13 was intended to land, Missione sex it was restricted to a flyby due to a malfunction aboard the spacecraft. All nine crewed missions returned safely to the Earth. While the United States Missione sex on the crewed Apollo programthe Soviet Missione sex conducted uncrewed missions that deployed rovers and returned samples to the Earth. Three rover missions were launched, of which two were successful, and eleven sample return flights were attempted with three successes.

The Moon has also Missione sex visited by five spacecraft not dedicated to studying it; four spacecraft have flown past it to gain gravity assistance, and a radio telescope, Explorer 49was placed into selenocentric orbit in order to use the Moon to block interference from terrestrial radio sources.

There are several future lunar missions scheduled or proposed by various nations or organisations. The following robotic space probe missions have been proposed:.

List of missions Missione sex the Moon. Later known as Pioneer 1. First U. First spacecraft to reach lunar surface. Second stage ignited while first stage was still attached and burning. Touchdown on 3 February at UTC. Deorbited early due to lack of fuel and to avoid communications interference with the next Missione sex, impacted the Moon at UTC on 29 October Failed to return images; other instruments operated correctly.

Ceased operations on Missione sex October after Missione sex was depleted. Impacted on the far side of the lunar surface following deorbit burn on 11 October at end of mission. Deorbited at end of mission and impacted the Moon on 9 October Decayed from orbit, with lunar impact occurring Missione sex 6 October Deactivated on 27 June Deorbited and impacted the Moon on 31 January Last signals received at UTC on 17 December Failed to reach orbit after a blocked propellant line caused one of the first stage engines to not ignite.

Last contact at UTC on 14 December. Operated until 21 Missione sex Entered orbit on 10 April at UTC. Failed to orbit after second stage engine incorrectly commanded Missione sex shut down.

Spacecraft was recovered using its prototype launch escape system. Landed in the Indian Missione sex on 21 September at UTC, becoming the first Lunar spacecraft to be recovered successfully and carried the first Earth life to travel to and around the Moon.

Failed to orbit after one of the four second stage engines shut down prematurely. Third stage engine also shut down prematurely. The spacecraft was recovered using its launch escape system. Launch vehicle disintegrated 51 seconds after Missione sex and exploded. Lunar Module with two astronauts on board descended to a distance of Did not reach Earth orbit after fourth stage failed to ignite.

All first stage engines shut Missione sex 10 seconds after launch; launch Missione sex crashed and exploded on the launch pad. Spacecraft landed safely 2 kilometres 1. Descent retro-rocket burn started at UTC on 21 July. Contact lost 3 minutes after de-orbit burn; probably crashed on the Moon. Zond 7 7K-L1 No. After reaching low Earth orbitthe fourth stage engine failed to fire for trans-lunar injection due to oxidiser leak. Spacecraft re-entered Earth's atmosphere about Missione sex days after launch.

After reaching low Earth orbit, the fourth stage engine failed to fire for trans-lunar injection due to control system malfunction. Spacecraft re-entered Earth's atmosphere within one orbit after launch.

Luna E No. Luna 16 E No. Luna 17 E-8 No. Luna 18 E No. Luna 19 E-8LS No. Luna 21 E-8 No. Luna 22 E-8LS Missione sex. Luna EM No. Luna 24 EM No. Communications failure; entered selenocentric orbit but returned no data. Terminated inremains in selenocentric orbit; discovered water ice on the Moon. Operated in lunar orbit until 31 Julywhen it impacted the lunar surface.

Technology demonstration. Instrumentation included a magnetometer and laser retroreflector. Vikram lander separated from the orbiter on 2 September Canceled due to tax issues on money obtained from crowdsourcing. USA Resource Prospector s [] Rover for in-situ resource utilization demonstration, canceled in[] but its scientific instruments will be flown on several future commercial landers, [] [] as part of the Commercial Lunar Missione sex Services.

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