Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo


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Privacy Terms. Quick links. Hardy Piccolo? Flute History and Instrument Purchase. The brand was a "P. Hardy" and it had the code I think on the back. It was a gorgeous instrument.

It was definitely Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo of wood I'm pretty positive that it was Grenadillaand it had a bulb headjoint with gold plated keys.

It was used, but in very pristine condition- it had obviously been cared for. There weren't any surface dings or imperfections, as far as I could tell. I played it and found that it had a wonderful tone and the fluidity of the keys were fantastic. Octave jumps were seamless and it was so easy to hold my intonation and keep my pitch. It was truly a fantastic instrument and I fell in love while playing it. It was incredibly easy for me to play, especially so since it was my first time playing on a wood model.

The man running the shop offered Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo a flat price of 1K for it. The problem is that I don't have much experience with this brand or much experience playing a wooden piccolo, period. I only play an all-metal silver Gemeinhardt piccolo which I own and have used for a little over a year.

I have, however, done quite a bit of research on wooden models because I have been interested in purchasing one for a very long time. Using a metal piccolo isn't exactly ideal for me because I only play piccolo in concert setting. The one that I use is also a complete disaster; It is bent and cannot be fully repaired. As a result, the headjoint is always slipping in and out of place, the keys will unpredictably stick and springs will randomly pop out.

I'm in desperate need of a wooden model, but I can't afford to spend much over 1K, which is why I'm especially interested in Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo P.

Hardy that I played over the weekend. I just don't know if Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo offer is decent. I have tried researching as much as possible on it, but there is very little available on the internet. The few comments or remarks that I have found on it are nothing but positive, though- stating that P. Hardy piccolos are excellent quality and wonderful intermediate instruments.

There is some information online suggesting that this specific piccolo could even be a professional instrument. Hardy brand, Grenadilla body, gold keys. I'm extremely interested in buying this piccolo because as I said, I cannot spend much that is over 1K currently. I am also only an intermediate player, so spending a lot of money on a professional piccolo isn't really practical or necessary. I would greatly appreciate hearing anything that you know about this brand.

It would be a great help to me. Thank you! Re: J. Wood, plastic, and older metal. They made a LOT of different piccs of varying quality and for different companies. The wood piccs are held in esteem and can be nice players so if you found one that is magical why not buy it? How much picc are you going Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo get elsewhere for that money? You could opt for a gemie 4W but it might need work.

Or get a resona picc if you can find one in your price range. Offer him less than a grand. I try to not ever pay asking price unless I just fall in love with it. Good luck. Just another option so you don't have to buy under pressure.

I suppose you could always sell it if it doesn't work out in the long run. Keep us posted I love Tom Hardy in un pene piccolo stories! Board index All times are UTC.