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While overcoming a double ear infection and issues with my sinuses fml, right? My replies are frequent! A clip di sesso Balan things: No scat, water sports, furries, excessively large body parts, inflation, rape or vore.

I am also open to world building! Some fandoms are alright, but I prefer slice of life, fantasy or supernatural plots to name a few. Yes there will be smut, but I need plot as well. I will not start a rp where the characters are having sex right away.

Sproingy little goat and sheep taurs. Reactive and clip di sesso Balan cervitaurs, from dikdiks to moose. Great long limbed lanky giraffe taurs, spotted from head to toe. And everything in between. Modern times? Equally, sure, but regular generic european middle-fantasy bores the crap out of me.

In general, though, I like equal amounts of action, romance, and worldbuilding. However, I can get a little picky with grammar and other writing rules — mostly because I physically cannot absorb any paragraph longer than five lines of text. I have a lot of health issues myself which means that sometimes my brain weasels prevent me clip di sesso Balan more often than once a day, but I will ALWAYS try and check in with you and I love nothing more than to be able to shoot the shit with my RP partners.

I also have discord?? Hello one and all! I go by the name of Iria and I am back once again in hope clip di sesso Balan searching for some more great RP partners! I am a 21 year old female who resides in the central time zone, but I am what to consider clip di sesso Balan to be a night owl. Which means I am mostly up at weird hours.

Any who, my roleplaying style is simply. I only RP in third person, past tense and I can churn out a good words for each response. Depending on what is going on in the scene of course. Sorry, not my forte people.

So, what I am looking for in a Roleplay? All that good and juicy stuff is what I am really into right now. I have a plot set for something in the Sci-fi world that I would love to try and if you have any Plots you would like to share I am all ears!

I prefer fandoms. I just really would love to rp Cockles or either J2. I do other ships from the show also. Or if someone clip di sesso Balan possibly play Jensen with me? Someone who knows his personality, same with Jared. Contact : Kik - dncewrites Contact Tumblr - eyeoftheackles. Twisted, dysfunctional, awkward, and treacherous relationships particularly adored. At least one solid paragraph for email play, usually three. Rapid-fire shorter posts may happen on chat-based mediums.

Longer posts common for starters, scene changes, or exposition. Lawful neutral, lawful evil, and neutral good being the most common of late. Any intimate relationships described will be gay, most likely.

Or was it druids? Virtual reality? Crime was so much more interesting before advanced technology; and the repeal of the prohibition. Outside our normal dimension. Alice in Wonderland? Hell itself? Very interested in modern magic.

Fuck yes. Plenty of ways to go about it. How does society react? Do they know? Perhaps related to hidden warfare? A taboo relationship across pantheons? Vague morality, seedy alliances, detectives getting in over their heads. Half-Life universe based play. Simple, slide-of-life romance. Sleazy characters and their bad, but none the less endearing attempts at romance. Chat-based RP. Tried it. Clip di sesso Balan lot. Makes life easier. Femme romantic interests. Feminine characters rarely, if ever interest me romantically.

To the nitty gritty. I do however like to get friendly with the people I rp with OOC, so having a nice chat here and there and maybe getting to know my partner in crime is always fun too. If you just want straight RP and have no desire in socializing, I clip di sesso Balan not clip di sesso Balan for you!

We go into space, we explore… we get into trouble. Airships, odd steam-based technology… war, strife, intrigue.

C ontact me for more detail on that one! Modern setting with Werewolves, Vampires, Angels, Demons… what have you. Or elves, orcs, dwarves? Sounds like fun, set me up. I can come up with some ideas. Or that crappy APB game. Through either physical force, or money—both ways are acceptable to them.

They are hard clip di sesso Balan nails type of people, that love to fight and fornicate. Along with that of course comes territory wars, disputes clip di sesso Balan officials clip di sesso Balan said city, and lots and lots of collateral damage. Gritty scenery mixed with technology and a world rife with problems. Detectives that have seen too much shit and want to move on up in the world, even if that means getting a higher level apartment in the giant glass monolithic towers that pollute the cities.

In that sorta scenario we can collaborate and come up with something. He could also be an aspiring dungeon delver—really the setting could go anywere. This one can be fleshed out more as we talk. The group gets close, and we ll… if unfortunate things happen, it could be some real sad stuff to see them go defending not only their home, but the ones they love. Very clip di sesso Balan. Young friends finally seeking romance between each other, or a writer gets to know his neighbor better.

Story is always up for debate too. Can be dark, and gritty… the other space can be unforgiving and full of dangerous monsters. I kinda took inspiration for this one from anime, various movies, and various video games. I need to know your age, so please inform me before adding me.

Which brings me to this. I do both. When it comes to it, I love having these things in my RP. Story and good dialogue is a must, as well as humor—but so are adult themes like sex and horrors of life. I will likely ask you what kinks you have, and how we can incorporate them into RP.

No pun intended. And what do you play over? My discord is Ren sin Depending on if you see this later on, it may change. I love people, and I consider myself friendly!