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According to the CensusPerm's foto perm sesso is , [6] down from 1, recorded in the Census [14] and 1, recorded in Census. It was previously known as Yagoshikha Yegoshikha untilPerm until Komi is a member of the Permic group of Finno-Ugric languages, which is also foto perm sesso for Perm. In Finnish and Vepsian perämaa means "far-away land"; similarly, in Hungarian perem means "edge" or "verge".

The foto perm sesso period of the Permian takes its name from the toponym. The city is located on the bank of the Kama River upon hilly terrain. The Kama is the main tributary of the Volga River and is one of the deepest and most picturesque rivers of Russia. The Kama divides the city into two parts: the central part and the right bank part.

The city street grid parallels the Kama River, travelling generally east-west, while other main streets run perpendicularly to those following the river. The grid pattern accommodates the hills of the city where it crosses them. Another distinguishing foto perm sesso of the city's relief is foto perm sesso large number of small rivers and brooks.

The largest of them are the Mulyankathe Yegoshikhathe Motovilikha all are on the left bank of Kama Riverand the Gayva on the right foto perm sesso. Perm has a continental climate with warm summers and long, cold winters. Perm is located in the old Perman area, which was originally inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples. Vasily Tatishchevappointed by the Tsar as a chief manager of Ural factories, founded Perm together with another major centre of the Ural region, Yekaterinburg.

In the 19th century, Perm became a major trade and industrial centre with a population of more than 20, people in the s, with several metallurgypaperand steamboat producing factories, including foto perm sesso owned by a British entrepreneur. Inan opera theatre was opened in the city, and in the first phosphoric factory in Russia was built.

InPerm State University —a major educational institution in modern Russia—was opened. After the outbreak of the Russian Civil WarPerm became a prime target for both sides because of its military munitions factories. Kama River near Perm. The bridge still stands today, but another similar bridge has been built alongside it. Both are foto perm sesso white. In the s, Perm grew as a major industrial foto perm sesso with aviationshipbuildingand chemical factories built during that period.

During the Cold WarPerm became a closed city. The city is a major administrative, industrial, scientific, foto perm sesso cultural centre. The first Jews who arrived in Perm were demobilised soldiers from the imperial army who were allowed, after completing their service, to settle outside the pale of settlement and, inthere were Jews in Perm.

Over the years the community grew larger, and at the beginning of the 20th century, there were 1, Jews living in the city with their own synagogue on Kungurskaya Street now Komsomolsky Avenue and school for boys. After the Revolution of the building of the synagogue and community property were confiscated and were not returned until After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many Jews emigrated from the city.

The first rabbi to arrive in the foto perm sesso after the collapse was David Vajs Weisswho arrived in He was then replaced with Rabbi Eliyagy Habi in On March 9,two unidentified assailants threw a rock and a Molotov cocktail through a window of the Jewish Community Centre.

A small area was set on fire, but a security guard extinguished it. Jewish community leaders ascribed the incident to incitement in the local media the previous week, related to stories about a new Torah scroll for the community.

Perm is the administrative centre of the krai and, within the framework of administrative divisionsit also serves as the administrative center of Permsky Districteven though it is not a part of it. Perm has the largest industrial output among cities in the Urals, ahead of YekaterinburgChelyabinsk and Ufaalthough Perm has a smaller population than these. Several major industrial companies are located in Perm.

Engine-makers Perm Motors and Aviadvigatel are among the major players of the Russian aircraft industry. Oil-refining and natural gas processing are also among the city's leading industries. Perm is an important railway junction on foto perm sesso Trans-Siberian Railway with lines radiating to Central Russiathe north part of the Uralsand the far east of Russia. The Kama River is an important link in the unifying deep-water system of the European part of Russia.

The river connects the city with European waterways. It is possible to ship cargo from the Kama river area to the sea ports of the WhiteBalticAzovBlackand Caspian seas without reloading. Perm's public transit network includes trambusand city-railway routes. The formerly important trolleybus service has been discontinued in July The Perm Metro is a planned construction of a metro system which has been considered. The first plans date back to the s. A feasibility foto perm sesso was compiled in but economic difficulties during the decade prevented its final planning foto perm sesso construction.

The plans were revitalised in the early s, but a lack of funding hampered the project and plans were once again put on hold. Light rail foto perm sesso also been considered. Among the cities museums and galleries, the Perm State Art Gallery is recognised for its outstanding collections of art, including paintings from 15th- to 18th-century art movements, and wooden sculptures from the region.

It is housed in foto perm sesso notable early 19th-century structure, once an orthodox cathedral. The spire of the museum towers over the rest of Perm, as it is situated on the Komsomolsky Prospect. This instrument is unique in the tongue drum and handpan world because each note has multiple harmonic overtones that resonate with other notes in the drum. The sound consequently has long sustain and reverberation. The Legend of Perm Bear or The Walking Bear is a sculpture, depicts a walking bear the symbol depicted on the coat of arms of city.

Perm is also home to the At the Bridge Theatrethe first mystical theatre in the world. Perm is a scientific centre; some of the scientific institutes foto perm sesso combined in the Perm Foto perm sesso Center of the Ural Foto perm sesso of foto perm sesso Russian Foto perm sesso of Sciences.

There are also three military schools in Perm. Perm has a warm summer continental climate Köppen : Dfb. Summers foto perm sesso moderately warm with cool nights, although summers are shorter than winters. Climate is generally similar to that in Duluth. The city hosted European Amateur Boxing Championships.

There is also an amateur bandy team called Kama. The Nobel-prize-winning writer Boris Pasternak lived in Perm for a time, and it figures in his novel Doctor Zhivago under the foto perm sesso name "Yuriatin" where Yuri sees Lara again in the public library.

Perm is an example of city marketing in Russiawith the city also having a logo. Perm is twinned with:. This article is about a major city in Russia.

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