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J. Krishnamurti - Ojai 1984 - Public Q&A 2

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En el verano todo es verde e idílico pero en el invierno solo se destacan las ramas y los troncos. Las ramas deben llevar a todas las hojas hacia la luz del sol. Es una larga lucha por sobrevivir ". Joe's Father: You're right. They do look like human souls. Pose prolungare il sesso souls.

Regular Souls. Crazy souls. All depending on the kind of lives human beings lead. Daring and at times challenging, Nymphomaniac is a film that asks us confront ourselves and find the soul of an individual Pose prolungare il sesso believes she doesn't have one.

Even when Joe finds her soul tree, she faces a tree that is crooked, bare, and deformed. Do you want to know what I like? I love meeting new, interesting, non-trivial people who can give me something different. Discover them as unexplored lands and let them discover me in the same way. I like to start with a blank sheet and write a story on it: a small, short story. I'm very successful, you know? I can conquer a lot of people.

However, I have to be honest, I always wondered what I have of so special to be liked in this way. I do not think myself beautiful, I never did it also because, hypercritical above all in relation to myself, I have always been aware of my small defects that I know how to hide very well with skill. But even today, when I am well over thirty, a large number of men still like me.

They buzz around me, fill me with compliments. It happens regularly they stop me in the street, or try to talk to me if they find me alone in any place: in a bar, on a train, in a hotel lobby, or on a beach. They invite me to dinner or something else In short, unexpected, unexpected, non-predetermined situations excite me. Also in the Web it happened to me and it happens even more Pose prolungare il sesso me since I have the blog, to be contacted, courted, invited, and if someone really interests me, it is obvious that I accept to meet him.

Don't ask me what my criterion of choice is based on, what are the elements that make me say yes, I wouldn't know how to explain it, but one thing is Pose prolungare il sesso it is essential that they are perfect strangers and know little about me or nothing. I do not want to put at risk my private life that must stay out of everything, safe from these my little and Pose prolungare il sesso very innocent adventures.

I confess there are so many occasions Pose prolungare il sesso I Pose prolungare il sesso to bed with someone out of pure transgression, without any sentimental implication, without telling him my name and without even asking for his. In these cases, less is said and better it is, because a risk exists and is not to be underestimated: that of being persecuted by those who, after, for some reason, do not accept to respect my will to not meet him again.

Must be only once, do you understand? But unfortunately there are those who Pose prolungare il sesso understand it, or don't want to understand it You wonder why I expose myself to the risk of meeting those I don't know at all, strangers who could be dangerous or Pose prolungare il sesso create problems for me? Well, that of mystery is a game that has always fascinated me and if a person interests me, if I feel that there is something to be discovered, that he can give me something new, different, that with him I can write a little story starting from the white sheet, it's hard to resist and I don't care to risk it.

Indeed, the risk perhaps adds interest and adrenaline. In any case, the question I have always asked myself is not why men do all these hooking attempts, it is normal, they behave so Pose prolungare il sesso with everyone, and I Pose prolungare il sesso that for them this way of doing is natural, instinctive. What I wonder, however, is what they find so interesting in me.

I don't know I'm curious. Maybe you will know how to tell me. I don't think it depends only on something physical. Even if I don't Pose prolungare il sesso my age, and this is certainly a positive element, for the rest I think I'm like so many other women.

Maybe it will be because of my iridescent, changeable, capricious character that excites that sense of competition in front of which many do not know how to draw back, or it is because they see that I do not feel ashamed, they believe me uninhibited, of easy morals.

Perhaps this success is due precisely to my behaviors a little above the lines, certainly not common, and it is very probable that this judgment also derives from the profession I practiced, and that certainly stimulates erotic fantasies. Undoubtedly, I do not deny it, I delight in having sex with anyone I like, man or woman; I have never made a mystery of this, and perhaps for this reason I also give the impression of being nymphomaniac, but it is not true.

I am just a free woman, without ties, open-mind, without prejudice and I love living life trying to capture its most intense taste, searching for the most stimulating situations possible. I can't see anything wrong with it. I remember one I met recently. He was late and I always hated delays.

I consider them an insult to the tacit rules that are established when one decides to meet in this way. The first rule is punctuality and not respecting it represents for me the only true transgression I consider really intolerable.

But I decided to put my negative feeling in Pose prolungare il sesso background, because if I dwelled on it too much, it would have made me ill disposed at the start, jeopardizing the meeting and the joy I would have achieved only by keeping my mind clear.

So I tried to get rid of that feeling that made me intolerant and nervous. He arrived after ten minutes. He started apologizing and I couldn't hide my disappointment, because the second rule is never apologizing. If you think about it, the excuses are the most useless and hypocritical thing in the world. Words on words that are of no use because they fix nothing. I never liked the words too much. The only way to resolve the situation when you understand Pose prolungare il sesso you have made a mistake is to act, not talk.

But I remember his kiss. It wasn't bad. Even if he had broken my rules, that man had a remarkable self-esteem. I knew immediately how he held my head. His hand was still, his embrace was warm, strong, but not suffocating. Also in this the experience and the habit to certain things gave me a particular ability Pose prolungare il sesso judge the personality of whom I meet, and that man was strong, determined, but he was also prudent.

I liked it and at first I showed myself passive, almost defenseless. Then I started playing my way. I put him in front, with unsuspected audacity, at the initiative of my actions. Confusing him. My innocent hands became rapacious, unscrupulous, as skillful as those of a thief who broke a safe.

And I opened my way to his sex. He had it swollen. I liked massaging him while he kissed me. I touched that smooth, firm, round surface with my fingers and already imagined it as it entered into me. Something Pose prolungare il sesso would have happened, certainly, but not immediately, not before my satisfaction had been got. Many men, when excited, end almost immediately.

The contact with my body and my hands that whet their sex Even if they try to restrain themselves, they quickly reach orgasm. Instead I like to prolong, procrastinate, and make everything become infinite. I like to see how far their resistance is. I become cruel and I start playing in a provocative way: if I feel that they are coming I stop, I cool, and I start talking about other arguments.

And then I exchange with them glances in which I don't show myself submissive, but rather I make them understand what my rules are.

It sometimes happens that some do not like my behavior and that the penis, though remaining turgid, becomes smaller, and I understand the smallness of their being men.

So I retract myself, I begin to taunt them, making them feel the abyssal inferiority compared to what they claim to be; because they lack modesty, humility, realism. And I reject them; I invite them to leave without they have to recur in front of me. Instead, with him it didn't happen An essential challenge to which, believe me, I could not resist. And I liked that. There was a time when I was not so demanding and selective, but I came to a certain point where I felt I deserved a minimum of luxury, something special, certainly not the one I could receive from the first one that passed.

Man or woman, it makes no difference to me, but you already know this. Indeed, a woman manages to give more sweetness, which I do not mind according to the moment, but there is also something else, that is, if a woman reaches this point, if she comes to accept my game, it means that she is equal to me.

It is like looking at myself in a mirror and there is nothing more exciting than to mirror myself in someone when I have sex. A real woman, therefore, because Pose prolungare il sesso woman who is not real would never come to take such a step. Unless somehow, someone who wants to reach me through her, convinced her. However, the experience has made me quite suspicious, and I can Pose prolungare il sesso when there are extraneous elements, hidden guests who just want to look.

A woman is for me an open book. Just a few gestures are enough: the hesitation, the coldness of the behaviors, the passionless gestures, the fleeting gaze that tries to evade mine, are obvious details that reveal to me that she is not sincere, that she fakes, and then, how the cat with the mouse, I behave with Pose prolungare il sesso looking for the most perfidious way to unmask her.

The female psychology is more complicated than the male one, but it is subject to more taboos and once the weak point of a woman has been identified, it is easy to make her taste the bitter taste of humiliation. Even without saying Pose prolungare il sesso single word. I explained it to you: what matters are actions, you don't need to talk.