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Letter from Inga sent 23 Sep Re: Write to me! Hello Sandro! To write first is always difficult a little, as we don't know each other at all. But i hope that you will like me and write mhours about yourself. I am honest and loving lady, who is looking for Sesso fetish Gomel relations. I am also very active and nice. Love is this beautiful thing that i can present to you, so just give me your hand, and we will be always happy together.

Write me and you will not be disappointed, Inga. Letter from Inga sent 22 Feb identical Hello. Hi my new friend! I have got your letter and answer you with a big interesting to know you better, to know about your life, country and just everything you like to tell me about you. Some people think that it correspondese in the Internet is just like a play, but as for me I don't think so and I have serious intentions to meet here the man who will be my future husband.

I am looking for the only men, for kind, romantic and honest one, who Sesso fetish Gomel devote himself for our love and family. I am looking for an educated and different developed person, so that we can support each other at any moment, so that I can always feel his love when I am alone I want to find him for all my life - only the one!!! I want to share with him all my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!! As for me I am very romantic person and like evrything beautiful. And that is why I am a desiner by my profession.

I study at the Institute Sesso fetish Gomel Art in correspondense Department and I like what I do very much, because it is my mission I think. I like decorate everything around, like to choose a style Sesso fetish Gomel everything and everydoby.

And even my friends ask me to choose clothes for them when they are going shopping: Yes, it is reall very good when you have a taste. As for my boddies I like English language and I can speak it and write you by myself without any help. I think that it is very fine that we can know each other personally in our letter and can read directly our thoughts. I want to send you my photo so that you can see me and have imagination about the person who Sesso fetish Gomel you.

And what about you? What are you doing in your life and what are you seeking in the Sesso fetish Gomel May be you can think that it is just some advanture to find someone in this huge electronic net?

I hope to get a reply from you. Bue for now, Kseniy. I like your add. I very cheerful person, during too time I have remained modest and even very constraining.

I like to read: about love, about a history, a fantasy. They are remarkable authors, their books grasp all your imagination and together with their heroes you make Sesso fetish Gomel things, getting in different places and epoch.

As well as books, I love films different: about animals, a comedy, about love, historical, fantastic. I like to listen to songs Sesso fetish Gomel our domestic variety executors, and also some fhoursign. But the best for me music, is music of wildlife: noise of a wind, singing Sesso fetish Gomel birds, a rustle of leaves, a sound running stream, rumbling of a cat, a scratch of an old tree, prompt flight of a dragonfly.

Such music of the nature not simply delights and Sesso fetish Gomel with all fine feelings, but also fills with energy, pleasure, happiness, pleasure from all world around, desire to do by all is kind. And still I think that the person cannot be estimated only Sesso fetish Gomel his Sesso fetish Gomel data or his well-being.

Certainly, money presently have not last value, quite naturally, that beautiful appearance involves eyes, but in fact the most important are moral qualities, that is internal, sincere beauty and riches. I search for the person honest, decent, kind, cheerful, strong, affectionate, calm,educated, serious, early not married. I want to create strong and amicable Sesso fetish Gomel with such person.

I dream to meet the person for whom I shall become unique, the most desired and loved even among hundreds and thousand beauties.

I shall answer only the detailed Sesso fetish Gomel letter. Letter from Alla sent 29 Sep Re: Sandro, it is my second trial to contact you!!! Dear Sandro, I try to start Sesso fetish Gomel with you, but still did not get any Sesso fetish Gomel from you.

Please let me know if you like my profile, I wish to start our conversation to know each other better. If you do not wish to contact me let's me know the reason, as I am inetersted in communicating, I am looking for serious relations to have strong family!!!

I'm graceful as a queen. I'm lonely as a moon. I'm strong as an ocean. And i'm passion as a flame. Are you ready to know me better? Write me Reported as: - Evgenia Cherepanova at Stop Scammers. I am Oksana. I live in Russia in the city of St-Petersburg. I have never been marriage and I have no children. I like music, sport, swimming, Sesso fetish Gomel skating and animals. I dream to have ideal family, husband and kids.

There is no another Sesso fetish Gomel for me than to have all of it, to live with husband in the full harmony. I dream about devoted and loving friend of the life who would make me happy. Your interests are not important for Sesso fetish Gomel and the most important for me is to be easy and calm with you for me and the hands of the clock should stop when you are not close to me.

All the best! Date: Subject: New Message Hello the stranger!!! I saw your structure and you are very interesting to me. Look my structure. And if I am interesting to you. That I shall wait from you for the answer. Write to me on mine e-mail: SvetLeb bk. I like your profile my Sesso fetish Gomel is Luda! I am searching my soulmate, serious relation and family. Contact me please at ludafern bk. Reported as scammer: - Lilya Blohina at Antiarnaques russiansexygirl8 yahoo.

Sent Point is that, a lot of men think that I want only money and good life, even if without love! I tired. Olga P. Sesso fetish Gomel, I need a man, who knows what Sesso fetish Gomel wants from life and people.

If you want to play, you should looking for in other place. Maybe Sesso fetish Gomel man are you? Send me a message. My email : terra15 lenta. Reported as: - Terra 15 at Antiscam DE. Sent: Hello, my darling Sandro! My name is Elena. But you can name me Lena or Lenochka as my friends name me Sesso fetish Gomel. I live in the capital of Russia, in the city of Moscow. I think you know it from books of history and popular movie of geography.

I have a diploma of bachelor in jurisprudence and work in special department of one Moscow enterprise. It is enough interesting job and I like it.

I understand this work is very individual for every country but I am ready to lose it for fortune marriage or interesting closer friendship. I am a creative person. I see and can enjoy the beauty of the world.

I like to paint. I am fond of furniture design and I know how to make my house beautiful and cozy. I enjoy walking along the beach in the morning and Sesso fetish Gomel of the time when I look into the eyes of my special man. I am fond of sports and music.

Also I regularly visit art galleries and cinema when I hear about new classic movie.