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There would soon, he told her, be another member of the household. One of his students, a pretty young woman named Olive Byrne, would be coming to live with them. Not as a lodger, but a lover. And if Betty did not like it, he would leave her.

One can only imagine what Wonder Woman — the comic-book superhero that Marston went on to create — might have done to a man who brought home a younger mistress and demanded either a divorce or a menage a trois.

Now that happy threesome would become the basis of a free love cult, where they took on the titles Sesso gay Batman e Superman Leader, Sesso gay Batman e Superman and Love Girl, and where nudity, dominance and submission were demanded in a closely typed page memo of sexual instruction. Not that any of sesso gay Batman e Superman appears in the first Wonder Woman feature film, which opened to rave reviews on Friday, with Israeli supermodel turned actress Gal Gadot, 32, praised for her portrayal of the heroine who embodies female empowerment.

William Marston was born inbrought up by his heiress mother and coddled by a bunch of spinster aunts in a turreted manor house near Boston, Massachusetts.

In fact, he sesso gay Batman e Superman women were superior to men and that one day they would rule the world. Studying law and then psychology at Harvard University, Marston amazed his professors with his sesso gay Batman e Superman, and married his childhood sweetheart Sadie Elizabeth Holloway, whom he renamed Betty, in She, too, was highly intelligent, a committed feminist and a qualified lawyer and psychologist. Nonetheless, she allowed Marston to pass off her ground-breaking research on the psychology of deception as his own.

It was, in part, her observation that her blood pressure rose whenever she was angry or excited that led her husband to devise a prototype for lie detector machines. The American military later adapted the machine for interrogating spies and prisoners of war. Marjorie, he informed Betty, would be living with them as a lover. And so began a happy on-off threesome. He wanted her to become the fourth member of their sexual quartet and a permanent member of the unorthodox family, compared to the more on-off arrangement with Marjorie.

Byrne belonged to a generation of ambitious women who enjoyed an androgynous look and a quite unashamed appetite for sex. She was drawn to her handsome professor and took him along to an extraordinary sorority party at which girls dressed as babies were blindfolded and bound while fellow female students made them carry out tasks or hit them with sticks.

It is little surprise that this blindfolds and bondage scene would later find its way into Wonder Woman comics. Not long sesso gay Batman e Superman, Marston delivered his ultimatum to Betty, demanding that year-old Olive come to live with them permanently. She insisted that Olive should bring up any children, leaving her to carry sesso gay Batman e Superman with her career as an editor of academic publications.

The women themselves seem to have been quite happy. Marston was unemployed for most of the s and, after having two children, Betty returned to work as the main breadwinner, while Olive stayed at home to look after them as well as her own two children fathered by Marston. Unorthodox as it was, the menage seems to have worked well.

Marston proved himself a devoted, inspiring sesso gay Batman e Superman affectionate father but his career was still shambolic, with Betty bringing in the money. Even Olive added to their income with occasional articles for supermarket magazine Family Circle, giving tips on how to create a wholesome family home, all the while living in circumstances that her readers would have regarded as highly immoral. She would regularly quote Marston as an expert on child psychology.

It was thanks to one such article that Marston became involved with the world of superheroes. The timing was perfect. The cover of a vintage WonderWoman comic book shows the character as she first appeared to the public.

Harvard history professor Jill Lepore, who wrote sesso gay Batman e Superman biography of the character, confirmed that the super-heroine herself seemed to enjoy a sesso gay Batman e Superman of light bondage. She is winched into a straitjacket, from head to toe.

Her eyes and mouth are taped shut. She is locked in a bank vault. A TV series starring Lynda Carter followed, which enjoyed reruns through the until the early s. Then last year Gadot portrayed her for a new generation when she appeared alongside other DC superheroes in the blockbuster Batman V Sesso gay Batman e Superman Dawn Of Justice, which in turn paved the sesso gay Batman e Superman for the first standalone Wonder Woman film. Olive and Betty remained happily together, raising their children and pursuing their careers until Olive died in Marjorie Huntley was a regular visitor until the end.

Marston would no doubt have been pleased too, that his whip-cracking heroine, Wonder Woman, has endured, embodying his love of what he considered to be the stronger, wiser sex — even if sesso gay Batman e Superman admiration of them took a bizarre form.

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