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To watch this post: click heresesso hard Cooney watch below…. I equate it to like, feeding scrambled eggs to a chicken, just for the sick enjoyment of it. So — I will not be commenting directly about her recovery per se, but rather, sesso hard Cooney documentary video itself. Because…spoiler alert — as someone who is in their 12th year of recovery from anorexia, I definitely have some big thoughts on it.

To catch anyone up who may not know, she is a year-old YouTube personality that has been causing waves for the last several years because she is so severely — visibly — anorexic. There was outrage in the online community, begging YouTube to take down her channel, because her image was so sesso hard Cooney and triggering, and a bad influence for young girls.

I, for one, was one of those in favor of pulling her channel. But recently in the last few months, she has — truly, praise God — begun her recovery journey. She went to inpatient for 30 days. Sesso hard Cooney, because after the first watch, I left the viewing experience feeling so unsettled. Feeling so just…icky. It was because it glamorized anorexia. Yes, I applaud Shane for wanting to bring light to this important and difficult topic — which, with 25M views, he certainly succeeded in that.

But if he was truly trying to educate people on how to help, or how to talk to loved ones about it, or just frankly inform people sesso hard Cooney ED — he completely missed the mark. He failed. Eugenia, God bless her, she answered with a smile, and gosh, I just saw so much of myself in her. When I was four months in, I was hanging onto that smile for dear life.

I was petrified of the new life that I had been forced to adopt, and — no shocker here — I relapsed hard at college. But the biggest thing that I felt sick about after watching the documentary was how nonchalant, and — dare I say, romantically — they presented such a dangerous and potentially fatal mental illness. First sesso hard Cooney all, throughout the entire documentary, Shane gratuitously included clips from her YouTube videos, that fetishized her gaunt, emaciated and truly skeletal body.

Anorexia is not glamorous. It is not at all how it was presented in the documentary. Because you know damn well every. In fact, I can still tell you exactly what and exactly when I ate every day back inbecause those rigid food rules were strangling my life so much. Adding to sesso hard Cooney inaccurate glamorization of the documentary, was the way her story of inpatient treatment was told.

Which, this is such a diminishment of that incredibly difficult and painful decision to seek treatment for an eating disorder. Plus, this is not actually what happened with Eugenia. It is reported that her friends were so worried about her dying, that they staged an sesso hard Cooney.

Eugenia, being a legal adult, sesso hard Cooney refusing treatment, and her mother was allegedly not interested in her getting help which, her mother is a completely separate topic of grave concern. She went involuntarily. Which — sounds a lot like my own story. My family had to stage an intervention, as I too was 18 and legally an adult — and refusing to go to treatment. Where were the talks of early osteoporosis? The intense cardiac sesso hard Cooney that can often lead to heart attack or death?

Where was the information about infertility and sesso hard Cooney of menstruation? Or the digestive issues, or bone loss, or diminished brain function, or growth of fine body hair sesso hard Cooney the face? Where were thoseShane? All smiles here! This is fact — she is beginning recovery. Recovery is a life-long journey. I am in the 12th year of my recovery, and every day, you still have to wake sesso hard Cooney and choose sesso hard Cooney.

I remember my first night back from inpatient, I sesso hard Cooney a bunch of my friends and loved ones, and they all were saying how healthy I looked, and how they were so proud of me, and how happy they were that I was better.

I entered inpatient at 78 pounds, so yeah, coming home, sesso hard Cooney though I was still underweight, I looked so much healthier that the emaciated skeleton that left, sesso hard Cooney months prior. And let me tell you — I was terrified of those last 15 pounds. The inpatient doctors were wrong. This sesso hard Cooney existence is far enough.

And Eugenia is in that same boat. And I can only imagine what those hundreds of thousands of comments must be doing to her psyche. Other things sesso hard Cooney just gave me the gooks about the video were how her lawyer was lurking in every scene. The mother was helping film her videos. Millions sesso hard Cooney people were watching her videos for the shock value.

To fetishize her anorexia. Millions of views sesso hard Cooney to millions of dollars. This entire post has left me feeling quite sad. Because the fact is, Eugenia is a brave, strong, and resilient young woman who is in the fight of her life.

So Eugenia, you go girl. Keep at it, brave warrior. She is reclaiming her life, and recovery — no matter who you are — is a bumpy ride. People with anorexia are all really good at acting.

I want the world for Eugenia. Ever since I wrote that piece those months ago, I have continued to pray for her and sesso hard Cooney recovery every day. Recovery is messy. At the end of the day, all we can do is be there for one another. And love and support each other to the best of sesso hard Cooney abilities. My feelings about this documentary are coming from a place of love, and admittedly: trepidation. And in fact, is not the best way to support this brave warrior on her early journey of recovery.

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I admire your honesty about anorexia. Thank you Rollie, yeah a bit of tougher tone in this one than normal, but I am so passionate about this sesso hard Cooney. Thank you for taking the time to read. Hugs and love xox. Great Post, wonderfully written, insightful and expressive.

Thank sesso hard Cooney so much Yonnie. Yeah — her Recovery is to be celebrated for sure — such a brave sesso hard Cooney A lot going on here. I have to say I scrolled past a couple pretty fast. The really gave me the willies! It says simply that the explanation that requires the fewest assumptions is likely the right one. Once you get past that, things get easier very fast.

He looks like a child. Your review tells me that he thinks and speaks like a child. Why else would he put out so much information on something he knows so little about? Best to stop ranting.