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Enter a digit Phone Number. Full report sesso parodia Vikings available information on owner's full namecurrent address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier. I received one phone call asking if I was a certain name and when I asked why they were calling they said they couldn't give any info other than I ordered something and they assure me they're not a debt collector.

Sad sesso parodia Vikings whoever these people are. This no. I only received one bottle,thats all i ordered. I hope oprah knows about this scam. Somebody needs to let her know,so she can refund sesso parodia Vikings who was taken advantage of. This call asked me if I wanted to lower my credit card rate. When I asked the guy which credit card it was because I didn't have a sesso parodia Vikings the line went dead!!!

Not sure about the phone munber posted hereBut the number to Elmwood Assoc. If you want them to stop answer the phone as if you are a place of business. They will take you off the list cause it is illegal for them to solicit a place of business. GRC, a collection agency in Cincinnati. From what i can tell they deal with a lot of student loan collections. They will call your job and your relatives, but at least if you tell sesso parodia Vikings to stop, they will. Not too horrible to deal with, to be honest.

I just took a call from this number. The man was very difficult to understand, had a very thick Middle Eastern accent. Also there seemed to be a bad cellular connection.

Anyway, he says because I am a customer who pays on time, etc with good credit history, the banks sesso parodia Vikings to sesso parodia Vikings my interest rates. He said was calling from Credit Card Services.

I asked 'how are you going to lower my Chase, Citi, etc. How would the banks possibly let you in to change credit rates? I said the balance due sounds right. He said do you have the expiration date on the card?

And then I said no and hung up. I knew where this was heading. They say it's about you cc, it's a scam! They should be prosecuted under do not call list rules. The florida number is a legitimate florida company who's having to deal with this nonsense Call says if you'll put one of their signs in your yard you'll get a free home security system.

Rude woman would not reveal name of the company. When I asked her to stop bothering me, she hung up. Oh yes, these people want their votes badly. Anyway, we just got a empty VM with them, with a dozen or therefore of attempts to get us to vote. Oh that is therefore silly! You most likely did not put the phone down right or sesso parodia Vikings put this no hold or ur 'pocket' called back the last no.

Phone scam for sure. They were very insistant sesso parodia Vikings giving me a supposedly deal that I won, but needed my credit sesso parodia Vikings information. I finally hung-up on them and they keep calling back.

Message: Hi, Give me the total cost of the below Item without shipping because i want to send my private shipping company to your location for the pick up.

Awaiting your reply. I have gotten calls from this number over and over again within the sesso parodia Vikings few days. When I call the number back it has a recorded message saying that 'this was an attempt to contact you to confirm your order'.

I don't have any outstanding orders for Christmas so I have no clue what this is about. Very weird. These sesso parodia Vikings are relentless! They have called every day this week. It is the same ThIeves. Find Out Who Called Me.

Sesso parodia Vikings Area Codes Remove. Post by Anonymous. I knew where this was heading Post by Anonymous.