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She is the leader Yulia foto sesso the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" political party. Tymoshenko co-led the Orange Revolution and was the first woman appointed Prime Minister of Ukraineserving from 24 January to 8 Septemberand again from 18 December to 4 March She placed third in Forbes magazine's list of the world's most powerful Yulia foto sesso in She finished second in the Ukrainian presidential Yulia foto sesso runoff, losing by 3.

In the concluding days of the Ukrainian revolutionshe was released after Yulia foto sesso years in jail. She again finished second in the Ukrainian presidential electionthis time to Petro Poroshenko. After being a heavy favorite in the polls for several years, she came third in the first round of the Ukrainian presidential election.

He abandoned his wife and young daughter when Yulia was between one and three years old; Yulia used her mother's surname. After graduating from Dnipropetrovsk State University inKapitelman was sent to Yulia foto sesso in Western Ukrainewhere he worked "one academic quarter" as the director of a public Jewish school in the city Sniatyn.

InTymoshenko graduated from high school in Dnipropetrovsk. Tymoshenko has worked as a practicing economist and academic. Prior to her political career, she became a successful but controversial businesswoman in the gas industry, becoming by some estimates one of the richest people in the Yulia foto sesso. Before becoming Ukraine's first female prime minister in[12] Tymoshenko co-led the Orange Revolution.

After graduating from the Dnipropetrovsk State University inTymoshenko worked as an engineer-economist in the "Dnipro Machine-Building Plant" which produced missiles in Dnipropetrovsk until Inas part of the perestroika initiatives, Yulia and Oleksandr Tymoshenko borrowed Soviet rubles Yulia foto sesso opened a video-rental cooperative, perhaps with the help of Oleksander's father, Gennadi Tymoshenko, who presided over a regional film-distribution network in the provincial council.

From toYulia and Oleksandr Tymoshenko founded and led a commercial video-rental company Yulia foto sesso in Dnipropetrovsk, [16] [17]. InTymoshenko established jointly with her husband Oleksandr, Gennadi Tymoshenko, and Olexandr Gravets [16] "The Ukrainian Petrol Corporation", a company that supplied the agriculture industry of Dnipropetrovsk with fuel from to Inthis company was reorganized into United Energy Systems of Ukraine.

UESU top management faced prosecution. She was removed [ by whom? Tymoshenko entered politics inwhen she was elected to the Verkhovna Rada the Ukrainian parliament in constituency No. In a letter to the editor of the British newspaper Financial TimesTymoshenko claimed that the President of Ukraine was consciously building a totalitarian system in the country.

Tymoshenko was re-elected inwinning a constituency in the Kirovohrad Oblast, and was also number six on the party list of Hromada.

She scrapped the practice of barter in the electricity market, requiring industrial customers to pay for their electricity in cash.

Her reforms meant that the government had sufficient funds to pay civil servants and increase salaries. Half of this amount was collected due to withdrawal of funds from shadow schemes, the ban on barter payments and Yulia foto sesso introduction of competition rules to the energy market.

Tymoshenko herself stated that her husband's arrest was the result of political pressure on her. Then, Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko silently accepted her dismissal, despite her achievements in the energy sector. Ukrainian media called it "the first betrayal of Viktor Yushchenko". On 9 FebruaryTymoshenko founded the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc the National Salvation Committee merged into it[53] a political bloc that received 7. She Yulia foto sesso been Yulia foto sesso of the Batkivshchina Fatherland political party since the party was organised in On 13 FebruaryTymoshenko was arrested and Yulia foto sesso with forging customs documents and smuggling gas in while president of United Energy Systems of Ukraine.

According to Tymoshenko, the charges were fabricated by Kuchma's regime at the behest of oligarchs threatened by her efforts to eradicate corruption and institute market-based reforms. On 9 Aprilthe Kiev Court of Appeal issued a ruling that invalidated and cancelled proceedings on the criminal cases against Yulia and Oleksandr Tymoshenko. Despite Tymoshenko being cleared of the charges, Yulia foto sesso maintained an arrest warrant for her should she enter Russia. Inall charges were declared groundless and lifted.

The criminal case was closed in Ukraine in January due to lack of evidence, Yulia foto sesso in Russia in December by reason of lapse of time. Tymoshenko's husband, Oleksandrspent two years — in hiding in order to avoid incarceration on charges the couple said were unfounded and politically motivated by the former Kuchma administration.

Once the charges were dropped, Tymoshenko reassumed her place among the leaders of the grassroots campaign against President Kuchma for his alleged role in the murder of the journalist Georgiy Gongadze.

In this campaign, Tymoshenko first became known as a passionate, revolutionist leader, an example of this being a TV broadcast of her smashing prison windows during one of the rallies. At the time, Tymoshenko wanted to organise a national referendum to impeach President Kuchma. Yulia Tymoshenko Nezavisimaya Gazeta interview 25 October [67].

On 11 Augustcivilian and military prosecutors in Russia opened a new criminal case against Tymoshenko accusing her of bribery. Russian prosecutors Yulia foto sesso suspended an arrest warrant when she was appointed Prime Minister, but reinstated it after she was fired in September The prosecutors suspended it again when she came to Moscow for questioning [69] on 25 September In Yulia foto sessoTymoshenko was involved in a mysterious car accident that she survived with minor injuries — an episode some believe to have been a government assassination attempt.

The driver of the other car suffered head injuries and police said initial investigations suggested that Tymoshenko's chauffeur had been at fault.

In the Autumn ofboth Tymoshenko and Viktor Yushchenko attempted to create a broad opposition bloc against the incumbent president, Leonid Kuchmain order to win the Ukrainian presidential election of In the Ukrainian presidential election, the communist party stepped out of the alliance, Yulia foto sesso the other parties remained allied and Symonenko was against a single candidate from the alliance [73] until July In MarchTymoshenko announced that leaders of "Our Ukraine", BYuT and Socialist Party of Ukraine were working on a coalition agreement concerning joint participation in the presidential campaign.

Tymoshenko decided not to run for president and give way to Viktor Yushchenko. On 2 JulyOur Ukraine and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc established the Force of the peoplea coalition which aimed to stop "the destructive process that has, as a result of the incumbent authorities, become a characteristic for Ukraine.

Tymoshenko was actively campaigning for Yushchenko, touring and taking part in rallies all over Ukraine. After Viktor Yushchenko had dropped out of the campaign due to his mysterious poisoning, Tymoshenko continued campaigning on his behalf. After the initial vote on 31 October, two candidates — Viktor Yanukovych and Viktor Yushchenko — proceeded to a runoff. As Tymoshenko earlier envisaged, Yushchenko received endorsement from former competitors who didn't make it to the runoff, such as Oleksandr Moroz Socialist PartyAnatoliy Kinakh Party of Industrials and Entrepreneursformer Kyiv city mayor Oleksanrd Omelchenko and others.

On 6 NovemberTymoshenko asked people to spread the orange symbols orange was the color of Yushchenko's campaign. When allegations of fraud began to spread, the "orange team" decided to conduct Yulia foto sesso parallel vote tabulation during 21 November runoff and announce the results immediately to people on Independence Square Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv. Tymoshenko called Kyiv residents to gather on the square and Yulia foto sesso people from other cities and towns to come and stand for their choice.

On 22 Novembermassive protests broke out in cities across Ukraine: The largest, in Kiev's Maidan Nezalezhnostiattracted Yulia foto sesso estimatedparticipants. On 23 NovemberTymoshenko led the participants of the protest to the President's Administration.

On Bankova Street, special riot police prevented the procession from going any further, so people lifted Tymoshenko up Yulia foto sesso she walked on the police's shields to the Administration building. On 3 Decemberthe Supreme Court of Ukraine invalidated the results of the runoff and scheduled the re-run for 26 December After the cancellation of Viktor Yanukovych's official victory and the second round of the election, Viktor Yushchenko was elected president with During the protests, Tymoshenko's speeches on the Maidan kept the momentum of the street protests going.

Additional nicknames included "Goddess of the Revolution" and the "Princess Leia of Ukrainian politics". On 4 February, Tymoshenko's premiership appointment was ratified by the parliament with an overwhelming majority of votes were required for approval.

The Tymoshenko cabinet did not have any other members of Tymoshenko's party besides Tymoshenko herself and Oleksandr Turchynovwho was appointed the chief of Security Service of Ukraine. Yet on 8 September, after the resignation of several senior officials, including the Head of the Security and Defense Council Petro Poroshenko [92] and Deputy Prime Minister Mykola TomenkoYulia foto sesso Tymoshenko's government was dismissed by President Viktor Yushchenko [93] [94] during a live television address to the nation.

In his interview for the Associated Press, Yulia foto sesso said that during the time of her presidency at UESU, Tymoshenko accumulated an 8 Yulia foto sesso Hryvna debt, and that she had used her authority as prime minister to write off that debt.

Tymoshenko has repeatedly stated that the mentioned amount was not a debt, but fines imposed by the Tax Inspection from toand that all the cases regarding UESU had been closed before she became prime minister.

Tymoshenko blamed Yushchenko's closest circle for scheming against her and undermining the activities of her Cabinet. She also criticised Yushchenko, telling the BBC that he had "practically ruined our unity, our future, the future of the country", without rooting out corruption as he Yulia foto sesso to do and that the president's Yulia foto sesso was absolutely illogical.

At Yulia foto sesso time, Yulia foto sesso saw a rapid growth of Yulia foto sesso ratings, while president Yushchenko's approval ratings went down. During the previous parliamentary elections ofYulia foto sesso had only 22 members of parliament, while "Our Ukraine" had The work of Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister in was complicated due to internal conflicts in the "orange" team.

Tymoshenko was succeeded as prime minister by Yuriy Yehanurov. Soon after Tymoshenko's discharge in Septemberthe General Prosecutor Office of the Russian Federation dismissed all charges against her. On 18 Novemberthe Supreme Court of Ukraine issued a ruling Yulia foto sesso invalidated all criminal cases against Tymoshenko and her family.

After her dismissal, Tymoshenko started to tour the country in a bid to win the Ukrainian parliamentary election as the leader of her Bloc. With the Bloc coming second in the election, and winning seats, many speculated that she might form a coalition with Yushchenko's "Our Ukraine" party and the Socialist Party of Ukraine SPU to prevent the Party of Regions from gaining power. On 21 Junethe Ukrainian media reported that the parties had finally reached a coalition agreement, which appeared Yulia foto sesso have ended nearly three months of political uncertainty.

Tymoshenko's nomination and confirmation as the new prime minister was expected to be straightforward. However, the political intrigue that took place broke the plan. Yushchenko and oligarchs from Yulia foto sesso narrow circle were trying to impede Tymoshenko from returning to the office of Prime Minister.

Her nomination was preconditioned on the election of her long-time rival Petro Poroshenko from "Our Ukraine" to the position of speaker of the parliament. Oleksandr Moroz, the chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, also expressed his interest in becoming speaker.

Tymoshenko stated that she would vote for any speaker from the coalition. The Party of Regions announced an ultimatum to the coalition demanding that parliamentary procedures be observed, asking that membership in parliamentary committees be allocated in proportion to seats held by each fraction, and demanding chairmanship in certain Parliamentary committees as well as Governorships in the administrative subdivisions won by the Party of Regions. Members from the Party of Regions blocked the parliament from 29 June [] through 6 July.

Oleksandr Moroz assured that the team of Viktor Yushchenko was conducting secret negotiations with the Party of Regions. According to that deal, Viktor Yanukovych was supposed Yulia foto sesso become the speaker, while Yuriy Yekhanurov kept the prime minister portfolio. These negotiations were Yulia foto sesso by Yekhanurov himself upon Yushchenko's request.

Later, Yekhanurov admitted this fact in his interview with the "Ukrainska Pravda" website. Following the surprise nomination Yulia foto sesso Oleksandr Moroz from the Socialist Party of Ukraine as the Yulia foto sesso speaker and his subsequent election late on 6 July with the support of the Party of Regions, the "Orange coalition" collapsed.

Poroshenko had withdrawn his candidacy and had urged Moroz to do the same on 7 July. The document, signed by Yushchenko, Yanukovych and leaders of Socialist and Communist parties, sealed Yanukovych's appointment as prime minister.

Tymoshenko called it "the act of betrayal". In SeptemberTymoshenko announced that her political force would be in opposition to the new government.