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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. Gloster Gladiator Mk. Einheitz-Pkw Kfz. Trailer water tank Kit contains 46 resin parts, photoetched sheet and decals. Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk. IX "Bubble Canopy". Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX "The Longest Flight". Vought Kingfisher Mk. Vought Kingfisher "US Navy" with floats.

Antonov An "Mriya" for relese in Price will, be added as soon as it is known. German Steyr Heavy Car. Each sprue contains options to sex shop Taganrog early or late variants, open windows, canvas roof up or down and contains crew figures. Sherman M4A2 3 models. Each sprue gives options to build either a 75mm or 76mm version and comes with 2 commander figures - UK or US.

Bristol F. Rumpler C. IV Dual Combo with 2 of each kits. The airman stands on a pair of steps with a bucket put beside him. The master pattern was designed on a period photograph, hence the very natural and realistic-looking pose of the figure. GT 3t German Cargo truck m. North-American F Mustang. Pusan East K-9March Serial: Korea Gloster Javelin. Standard Scheme and national markings; black serial and silver air intake lips.

Code in light blue, outlined in red; light blue, red and blue tail stripes. RAF Binbrook, Standard scheme and national markings; AFDS written in full in white under crest on fin. White fuselage serial; black air intake lips. Standard scheme and national markings; white serial and code, the latter repeated on fuselage. Silver and black bands flank squadron crest on fin.

Standard scheme and national markings; white serial and code. Silver air intake lips; white band on fin with red and blue trellis and unit badge within sex shop Taganrog white disc, the latter outlined in blue.

Serial and fin code in white; air intake lips are black. Known to be the only natural metal finished Javelin to see operational service; black cockpit framing, intake lips and serials; standard national markings.

Black sex shop Taganrog lips; sex shop Taganrog bars, edged in black, flanking unit crest on fin. Black air intake lips; No. The birds having also appeared in brown on occasion! Standard scheme and national markings; fuselage serial and codes in white. Note command pennant on forward fuselage. Spain, Fiat CR. Unit: Grupo 2-G Count R. Unit: Autonoma de Ametrallamiento a Tierra 'Frecce'.

Serial: ? In delivered more advanced CR. They formed special patrol group. Unit: 5 Escuadrilla, Grupo 2-G Avro Avro Avro A. A, Avro B B, Avro CAvro J B, Avro J C, Avro J B, AvroTraining Squadron in Avro K No.

I, Sex shop Taganrog Mk. Albatros C. Kit included 4 unassembled and unpainted figures sex shop Taganrog Soviet Tankers. Albatros D. III, hp D. IIIa or 20hp D. IIIau engines. Va parts, windscreens, flares, sex shop Taganrog and propellers. Joel A. Jack M. Verl E. Sidney W. James J. Gerald A. Oliver B. Murray J. Donald D. Ken J. T41 workable tank tracks. Suitable for many US tanks. Gloster Meteor NF. Unlike the earlier versions, these were two-seater, night and sex shop Taganrog fighter machines equipped with a radar in the nose.

In the early stages of the Cold War, they defended the UK against the threat of Soviet bombers carrying nuclear weapons. The Meteor Mk.

Machines fitted for this sort of tasks carry radar antennae in sex shop Taganrog, duck beak like shaped radomes at the front of the fuselage as well as some more electronics equipment within the airframe.

Highly accurate and nicely detailed model Precisely designed sheet of decals offering markings for two Swedish airframes in different colour schemes, one Malta-based machine and a Spanish one.

Specific antenna arrays made of resin and photo-etches Double-slotted wing flaps — resin set no. The kit contains nine grey styrene sprues, a single clear parts sprue, full colour instruction manual and a sheet of decals which sex shop Taganrog markings for four machines of the Czechoslovak Air Force. Superbly detailed model, accurate both in dimensions sex shop Taganrog shape Fine recessed panel lines Complete interior which includes also the passenger cabin in both German and Czechoslovak style Large sheet of decals printed by Sex shop Taganrog Never kitted before in this scale, sex shop Taganrog the sole exception of a vacuum-formed model.

Sopwith 7F. Fokker F. Fokker D. VII F. Focke-Wulf Fw Sex shop Taganrog. Mitsubishi Ki 'Sonia' 2 kits in the box. Unassembled plastic model kit Box contains parts for assembling models of soviet infantry weapons and equipment Photo-etched parts are included.